Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax day come and gone

Tax day came yesterday but they were not due!!  Because of a holiday in Washington DC we get until Monday.  I actually worked a bit on mine and am finally finished.  I owe big time as 2010 is the first time I have filed as a single and ouch! 
Travis arrived Wednesday noon and stayed until yesterday early morning.  It was fun having him here.  Terry and I usually do not eat out much but did the while time Travis was here as we wanted him to eat local foods in restaurants which are kind of fun.  I think his favorite was the grouper basket Thursday lunch.  We had the Wednesday evening lobster special at the Ale house but I think Travis felt it would be too much work or maybe too messy to have that so he had a shrimp dish. 
I did have my MRI last week and then went over the results with the dr. Wednesday AM.  There is a muscle tear in the right calf and today I will go in for my third day of PT.  They are using a cold laser and ultrasound on it and the place we go does PT with the idea that it should be pain free.  I like that.  The PT person is a bit concerned about the long drive to MN but I will have Terry drive a lot and I will drive mostly when I can use the cruise so I do not need to use that leg much.  I probably will need to do more PT when we arrive in MN but in the end it should be fine.  The therapest said NO physical use of the leg for sports for at least 4 months because if I would injure it again it may just completely tear away from the bone and then surgery.  She said that would not be good.
We now have 3 days to get things done here as we head north on Tuesday.  It would be nice if we had 2 weeks but will have to try to get things done in a hurry.  With the climate in southwest FL a person has to do much before leaving a place for 6 months.  If the air would go out and the home was not checked it would be full of mold in a week or so.  That happened to one of Terry's friends and they had to have the entire home cleaned professionally twice and still not sure they got it clean.  One of the things that needs to be done is the driveway needs to be sprayed with bleach so that it is not black in the fall. 
I almost forgot to mention that Travis is driving the 1987  Cadillac Allante convertible to MN.  We tried to sell it here but there are just too too many expensive cars and we did not get one call.  This car is in pristine condition and has 105,000 on it but we now have 4 vehicles and we need to down down scale.  We are hoping Travis gets home without incident and after Easter the car sells quickly.
We are looking forward to spending a couple of days with Aaron/Amy and family over Easter.  I am really excited because Aaron said the WI Easter bunny brings good beer to the men.
Leo turned 4 yesterday.  Those kids are getting just too old.  My in a very short time, before the end of the year, those grandkids will be 8,6,4,3,3,2,1.  I think I got that right.
No--work to do today and breakfast sounds like a good deal so will sign off.