Monday, September 27, 2010


I still am having trouble uploading pictures as it appears the blog has changed something so no pictures.
Today was a perfect fall day.  About 70, still, sunny and just perfect.  The trees are changing fast and I am guessing that late this week or early next week we will see peek colors. 
I was lucky enough to get a bike ride in yesterday.  Rode up and down the Mississippi River, down to Harriet Island and also to the cemetery.  I think the ride was about 17 miles and it was so so good to get on the bike again and be in the fresh air.  Even though it was mid 60's as one rode in the shade the air was cool.  Not too many days left like that.  I still would like to get down to the Cannon River Trail when the colors are out.  I don't know if that will happen but will try to make it happen. 
Aaron sent a note today saying my bike frame may be finished by October 11 and it may be ready to ride a week later.  No promises but maybe!!
There is not much new on the home front.  I don't know if I mentioned that I did get new steps from the deck to the garage finished and today I started working on the back door.  I need to repair it and then put a door knob on it.  Maybe will get done this week as I need to fill holes and then cut holes!!
I also started a tiny bit in the garage and in the yard.  This fall, 2010, is much different than last fall.  I am so thankful that so much is behind me. 
For some reason I am tired tonight so will sign off for now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Windy Day

For some reason this blog changed the picture thing so I am having problems loading them.  Will go without for today.
Today is an interesting weather day.  Chilly, windy and very cool.  Not a good bike riding day for sure so here is another day without a ride.  I need one soon.

I am catching up on a few things at home.  Made a trip to the insurance place and made arrangements to get a crack in the truck window fixed.  That had needed to be done for a long time.  I purchased a new land line phone yesterday so unpacked that and have it plugged in.  I only had one phone that was working and I need three I think.  One for downstairs, one up upstairs and one for the garage.  I also called Verizon as I received a very bad text message yesterday.  Never had that happen in the past and was upset as there is no place for junk like that text was.  They were little help but I did want them to know that kind of thing should not be happening.
Don F came over for lunch and that was nice.  Still have tomatoes so bacon and tomato sandwiches was on the menu. 
I wanted to get a haircut but that did not work out. 
It is hard to believe that we are now in the last Friday of September.  Of course one could ask where the month went but that makes me sound like an old person I think.  Of course the time always seems to fly by and the seasons come and go without pause.  I have found that as I become a more mature person I desire less and less to pause as that means I may miss out on something important. 
It seems I have had little of importance to write about in these last days but maybe that is a good thing.  I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The first person who guesses who this is and with their guess sends me their name and address will get a package from me!!

A rather normal slow peaceful day.  Not much to say.  Slept until 6: 15 or so, had a nice time with Larry B this afternoon, Cynthia came over twice which was nice, and I did get some things picked up, thrown and recycled again.  Every little bit helps. 

Travis and I had a great time last night at the Twins game.  Some friends have a suite and they invited us to join them.  I am pretty upset as I NEVER want to go as a common folk to a game again.  Oh my gosh the view was great, the place was like home and the game was fun.  Can't get any better than what we had last night and on top of that the Twins won and are now only 2 games away from winning the division crown. 

Another wonderful day of weather.  We had .4 inches of rain last night but the day was perfect.  This fall weather just can not be beat.  Good for fun, good for work and good for whatever a person wants to do.  Speaking of that in the next few weeks it is window time as those old screen need to come down and those old storms need to be put on.  Maybe tomorrow it will be time to get the AC units out of the windows which would be nice.  I can do that alone as they are not all that heavy. 

The kids had half a cow and a pig delivered here today.  No no it was all dead-cut-wrapped for the freezer!  All of it just barely fit into the freezer.  A fourth of it is gone already and will have to get some more out in the next day or so.

No, that is it for the day.  A little more work to be done before the Twins are on TV.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A time of change

I think I did a grandpa Lee today.  I put my camera in the car and headed out for the purpose of taking some pictures.  As you can see the pictures tell a story.  I really like the little birdie one.  We are in a changing season.  The chilly temps in the morning tell us something and the colors tell us the same story.  Summer is ending and fall/winter is around the corner.  And I would say we are turning that corner NOW.  We are certainly a ways away from the peak colors that God gives us to enjoy but the signs are all around us.  The day was a weather picture perfect kind of day.  Sunny, not much breeze and warm but not hot temps.  I am hoping that most people were able to enjoy a walk, a lazy time sitting in the sun or a pleasurably bike ride.  If a person missed it today, well you will not find a better day anytime soon, or maybe never.

I did spend some time outside and inside.  There is this never ending tale in my house.  Papers out of place, clothes not put away, dust on the bookcase top, dishes in the sink, bed in need of making and that is just a start!!  So I did spend some time picking, wiping, putting, cleaning and things like that.  It always makes me have a better outlook on life when I finish things but why should I have to do it so often???  A novel thought: Maybe I should ALWAYS pick up after myself as I go.  Should I give it a try?

Once again I am telling myself that I should go to bed early.  Will it happen, I do not know but for sure it can't if I don't try so here goes.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Beginning

I started on a house project today.  It has been so so long since I did something like that.  It felt good and even if I did not get very far on it the beginning was wonderful.  I have had temperary steps from the deck to the garage for a long time and even at that they were rotted and broken.  I took them out today and am ready to put in new ones this weekend.  After that it is wood shop time, time for a new door knob on the back door and my oh my this old house may start to look like it is alive again.  And at the same time I may start to look that way!!

I made 4 trips to a lumber yard today looking, figuring and deciding how to do those steps.  Gail thought I ran too many errands and was gone too much and maybe she was right. Better planning, I don't know what the answer is but I should try to change a bit. 

My new motto is one day at a time and I have tried to practice it the last two days,  Well two days is better than none at all and I will try to continue my success again tomorrow.  Maybe and hopefully I could be getting oh so close to normal.  I think people who know me may be in shock. 

I am going to bed early tonight as there is a 7:00 AM meeting at my house tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to normal???

No picture today.
My day seemed like back to normal time.  The men who meet for medatitions met for the first time in about 6 weeks or so.  It was really good to be back together and share, pray and do the scripture.

I took care of Faustina and Adrick for about 3 1/2 hr this morning as Cynthia took Jude for a check up on his kidney.  It seems like things are OK, thank you Lord.

I did get a 16+ mile ride in today which was nice.  The air certainly has a bit of chill in it now as we are now on the down side of September.  I rode with a group and as I looked at myself I may have to break down and get some gear that is intended for cycling.  One of the gals thought she may have to take me shopping tomorrow, how bad is that??  Of course she was only joking but I think I got the point.  I have fought and fought against the idea of spandex clothes but I may have to cave in.  On the other hand maybe I can hold out until next season and then I will be down to my desired weight. Maybe new clothes are in order when the new bike comes???

I have nothing planned for tomorrow so maybe it is time to get some work in around here.  I think the weather should be nice.  Maybe wood shop here I come.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A nice time but kind of empty

Travis, Cynthia, Mike, Faustina, Jude and I had a nice time last night.  We had a fire at Travis' place and ate pie iron sandwiches just like Gail would have liked.  I do wish I could have been with Henry, Liam, Leo, Audrey and Ruby Gail too in the top picture but another time that can happen.

I will summarize yesterday and then will move on.  I did watch the sun rise as I sat on the monumnet yesterday morning.  It was quiet, lonely, peaceful and spiritual all in one package.  As I did that I sipped my Americano and Baileys at the same time.  Can't get any better than that, right??  From there I spent a couple of hours with Ernie R which was good.  When I got home I realized that I had forgotten to bring a rose to Gail so I did that.  Wallace had his hair appt after that so I dropped him off and then I was lucky enough to have Cynthia, Jude and Faustina here for a time.  From that I did go to Travis' and got home from that about 8.  The day started out with many tears on the way to Resurrection but after that my emotions seemed to be so much better.  I would say that the happy memories far out weighed the sadness

In the next week or so I am going to change my direction on the blog.  I am not sure what direction it will take but I have found that I enjoy writing but at the same time some how, some way I need to move on with my life and I do not know what.  I guess like God provided with food from heaven each day and if it was collected for the next day it would spoil.  Well that may be the story of me for a while now, one day at a time and do not try to look ahead.  So goes the blog as well for now too. 

It sounds like the rain and storm have stopped so I may try to get some more shut eye.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009

One of my all time favorite pictures of Gail.  I feel that the picture captures her grace, her charm, her love, her beauty,  her determination and most of all that famous smile that just never seemed to fade.
Below is what was written in the blog a year ago today.
"Legends of angels opened heavenly gates and welcomed Gail at 12:40 PM today. We cry and despair for our earthly life will change forever but we rejoice for our dear sister, mother, wife, daughter and friend is forever with our Lord and I know He has BIG plans for her."

I need say not much more today.  I plan to greet the day as the sun comes up by sitting on the monument and thanking the Lord for the honor and privilege of being married to Gail for 41+ years, for having all the happy memories she provided for me, the children and many many others, for her unwavering service to God and all of his creation and most of all for her care and love of me and all our family.  I am sure it will be a sad day, a day of many tears but yet I am hopeful it can be a day of happy memories, of fun stories and of thankfulness for how good God has been to me and family.  My life is so so changed and I know the lives of the children are so different too because we lost our Gail.  But we do believe in eternal life and at some time we will all be together again and what a joyous occasion that will be.  As we mark time and wait for that to happen we must and we will live on with new things, new dreams and a life that needs to be full of love of God and love for each other.  

Travis, Cynthia, Mike, Faustina, Jude and I will meet at Travis' place late afternoon and sit around an outdoor fire, sharing, laughing, crying and having pie iron treats (The Lees call them Tonka toasts).  It is an outdoor food that is easy, fun and certainly one of Gail's favorites. 

I did have a fun time yesterday.  As I have ridden bike this summer I have mostly ridden solo, early in the morning and that has been good but last night I rode with a group of eleven riders.  It was a different experience but fun and that may be something I consider next spring.  This fall the biking season is not over but is beginning to draw to a close as the mornings are a bit chilly and likewise so are the evenings.  I am hopeful that  my road bike may be ready so that I can get a few miles on it before cold weather but we will see.  If it is not next spring will be fine.  Anyway biking has become a fun thing for me and it has also been a way to get in needed exercise and lose some weigh so it is a win-win situation. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blindsided, should I be surprised?

As I sit at my computer this morning I have had the tissue box near all morning, in the car and now as I sit.  Once again, it has not been uncommon, I have been blindsided by the raw and unending emotion of the moment, of the day and of this last week.  As I drove towards Inver Grove Honda today for an oil change the tissue box slowly went down in numbers and the pile of damp and dirty tissue slowly piled up on the unoccupped seat next to me.  Was I surprised, yes.  Should I have been surprised, perhaps not but then I have found in these days, weeks and months past that this process of letting go of a loved one is unpredictable, unreasonable and full of surprises.  I don't think I could count the number of times I have said to myself and maybe on this blog as well that I am better, I am ready to move on to a new chapter in my life and of course each time I say that I fall, stumble and humbly raise myself up from the turf and move on knowing that my judgement was incorrect.  
Here is a summary of what I wrote September 13, 2009.

"It was a difficult night. Accidents, restlessness, and more.  The kids cared for their mother so lovingly as I tried to get some much needed sleep.  There was a trip to the store for diapers and then the decision that the hospice nurse needed to come and put a catheter in for Gail.  Later in the day Gail wanted to sit up (it was the last time she did that) and as I put my arm around her and hugged her as much as I could I detected a smile which is permanently in my mind.  It has now been several days since Gail had eaten or drank and we knew that even though God was so present he would soon enter our front door and whisk Gail into eternal life with him and for sure many many lives would never be the same."

I have resigned myself to not doing much today or tomorrow.  My mind is restless, my body seems tired and I guess in many many ways I am embracing myself for the last of the "FIRSTS" in this journey I am on.  At the risk of sounding stupid I am once again going to say that I feel I may be ready to move on to the new chapter of my life after tomorrow.  Almost like a soldier going to battle with his helmet, his rifle and other needed things I may be ready to move on with memories of Gail tucked into my small mind and with a new and different approach to life.  No longer am I the swaggering 18 year old leaving home and going off to college with dreams, expectations and unlimited hope.  For now I am the 63 year old man who is trying to find his way to a new life with hope, some dreams but a realism that blankets all.  I trust that God is loving, he is good and he will let me know all the whens, ifs and wheres as I need them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A different time----God's plan is ever evolving

Here are Gail and I doing parking lot work for the first time during the State Fair of 2007.  Gail was in her element, outdoors and doing something with me.  As you can see I was also enjoying it very much.

Here is a summary of my blog of September 12, 2009
"It was a peaceful night for Gail.  She woke up twice but went right back to sleep after more meds.  I slept in a chair by her bed as the night before she had fallen out of bed and I did not want to put the rails up.  It seemed like the rails were so confining so sleeping by the bed was a better option.  Aaron arrived back from Madison so all the kids were there.  If you would have had the honor of watching them love their mother you could not have known who was a son or daughter by birth and who by marriage.  The togetherness of family was wonderful."

I was gone most of the day.  Was able to have lunch with a friend which was very nice.  In my new eating habits I ordered a chicken harvest salad which was very delicious, burgers are out for now!!  Some who know me would be astonished that a dinosaur like me could so change.  Now if Gail's potato salad would have been on the menu I would not have passed that up.  Anyway I was able to have my salad and satisfy my thirst with a Surly Beer which is always good. 

Not much more to say.  My big thing tomorrow will be to arrive at Inver Groove Honda by 7:00 AM for the first oil change on the car.  It is hard for people like me to change from the mind set that cars need an oil change each 3000 miles but these new ones have this device which says when to change oil and for my car the first oil change will come at 7100 miles.  I did ask if that was correct and they said yes so will go with it.

I continue to reflect on how much life can and has changed in the last 18 months or so.  It makes one really happy that one can not see into the future as it would at times be hard to face.

I did not ride bike today but will get on the bike again tomorrow and put more miles on.  My weight goal is to lose 5 more pounds by the end of the month.  We will see what happens.  Eating less and working and exercising more should do the trick.

Being the world's worst speller I wonder if anyone has the problem I do.  Sometimes I an so far off spell check can not even come up with the right word.!!  Yesterday it took me 10 minutes or more to spell the word scheme.  I can not remember what I tried a hundred times but I must have been way way off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I did it and am out of gas

Here is Travis maybe in 1989 or so after a 80 mile race and he looks much much better than I did today after a non-race 31 mile ride.  It was fun but after about the 22 mile I was totally gassed and remained that way to the end.  The wind, gusts up to 25 mph, just wasted me big time.  It was fun meeting some new riders from the cycling club.  Roger, maybe 70+ or so, was a stronger rider than I and I really enjoyed getting to know him a bit.  At one time, maybe 30 years ago, he went on a 200+ ride in one day.  Don't think I will go there any time soon.  Really I found out, actually I already knew, that I am not in biking shape and I need to lose more weight.

I went back to my blog of September 11, 2009 and read it.  Gail had her last liquid this morning.  We turned off all phones and covered the door bell as it bothered her.  She wrote her last note on that day which I still have.  She wrote, "In the long scheme of things, where am I?"  Of course I could not say what I saw but rather I remember saying, "Honey, you will be just fine."  Now that is true because in a couple of days she met our Lord which meant she was very fine.

I must have been hurting as I wrote several questions like IF Gail dies, can I be happy? and CAN I be strong enough without my Gail?  The answers to those 12 months later is "in time but not for a while" and I do not think I can be strong enough without Gail.

I think I will need to put something in the tub and soak for a while.  I do hurt in places not to mention.  I think the warm water will feel good.  No riding tomorrow.

I think that is enough for today.  I am not sure what should come first, a bath or a nap.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, Friday

I once again went back a year, September 10, 2009 and read my blog.  I said Gail ate some food the the Winds brought over and that may have been the last food she ate.  She actually had some warmth in her feet, the first in a long time and she was resting comfortablly.  She had several vistors and that had really tired her out.
Why did I put a picture of Cynthia holding the victory trophy?  Because a year ago Gail was in the home stretch of the great race and in the end she WON, she finished and she got first place, eternal life with our Lord.  I would have given anything if she had not finished the race but she did, she was splendid and so many people were forever touched by her courage, her faith and her love of God.  I certainly could not have asked for any more in my life than someone who was so special to me and hundreds of others.  Well I did ask for more time but it was not to be. 
I will travel to Freeport MN this morning to attend the funeral of a friend's mother.  She had been failing for some time and I am sure in many ways her passing from this life is a blessing but I know from experience that losing a parent is never easy so I will travel this morning to support Mark in any way I can.  Freeport is the town we used to stop in so that Gail could buy fresh flour to make bread.
I need to do some things before I leave in a short while so will sign off.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Promises Promises Promises

Gail and I on December 30, 1968.  We had been married June 1st of that year so we were so excited to celebrate her birthday for the first time as a couple and we already had enjoyed our first Christmas together.  As you can see she still was wearing those head bands that melted my heart and made it flutter in such a way that I thought I might die on the spot. We were not able to enjoy a honeymoon after our wedding but really I think in our relationship we had at least a 6 year honeymoon.  Then it ended and there was much work to be done for us to survive.  We did work hard and the result was a wonderful 41 years of marriage.  Will not go into the details of the hard work we did but it is enough to say that perhaps all couples go though a time like that and it is NO fun but the results more than make up for the pain and work. 
As September 14 draws closer I find myself making promises and then not keeping them.  A few days ago I went back to read the blog which was written in the last days of Gail's life.  It was too high drama for me, tears and emotions were so raw, I promised myself I could not and would not go there for now.  BUT I seem to be drawn there each morning to read, cry and reflect. I read each day and then sit and cry as I recall almost minute by minute that day.  I really do not want to do that but I am drawn there each day.  Why?  I don't know but perhaps I need some closure that I was not aware of.  That must be it because I do not enjoy the emotion that flows so freely and the tears that contunualy wet my face and blur my eyes. 
I also promised myself that I would get into the work around my house.  Well here it is Thursday morning @ 8:00 AM and I sit, weep and reflect as the work seems to almost snear at me from the yard or the garage or the wood shop. 
This morning I have thought of and prayed for all the kids, John, Mary, Travis, Aaron, Amy, Cynthia and Mike.  Then of course there are Henry, Liam, Leo, Faustina, Audrey, Jude and Ruby Gail.  As I deal with the loss of my Gail and all she meant to me they too deal with the loss of their mother or grandmother.  I know it is all part of life, all part of being a whole person, one who loves, works, wins, loses and deals with happy times in the same breath that one deals with sad and difficult times.  I often tend to want to be alone or isolate myself at times yet I know with all my heart that we need God and family to go on living in the face of devastation.  Of course God is the most important but his love, his grace and his protection usually takes the shape of a daughter, a son or a friend.  As all of those have been Christ to me I am so humbled, so thankful yet still so wounded by the loss of Gail.  Time helps but the going has been slow.  Kind of like the saying,  God grant me patience but please hurry.
Believe it or not I do have plans for the day.  I will work most of the morning cleaning out the pick up, the car and putting things away. Oh yes there will be dishes and things like that as well.  Then this afternoon the lawn needs to be mowed, the yard needs much work and maybe, just maybe some time in the wood shop later. 
One can tell that fall is close at hand.  Yesterday morning the temp was at 44 and this morning at 51.  Those are nice but if you go for a bike ride or do something outside there certainly is a chill in the air. 
No, I feel that I am finished reflecting and thinking for the day, it is now on to some work and getting hand dirty.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The guys were a no show

OK now for the what is that????   A planned 45 mile bike trip today ended up with me and 4 ladies!  That was not my plan.  Some did not show for whatever reason so I guess the gals felt I was good for at least taking pictures.  The ride was really nice.  The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cool.  I do think that some how, some way I may have to do that same ride with the fall colors in their full splendor as the view on that bike trail is awesome.  The picture is taken on the veranda at the St. James Hotel where the food was very good and the seating was pleasant.  I am not sure 45 miles was the best idea but riding at a slow pace, 12-14 MPH was OK and all of my body parts feel like they still are functioning.

The men's group will be here in a short time so I need to make some popcorn.  My house remains a mess from the last few weeks of coming and going but really doing nothing in the house.  I also noticed as I drove into the driveway the grass needs to be cut.  I don't understand why those things can just not grow or whatever when a person is so busy.  Perhaps I should think about actually doing some work tomorrow, what a novel idea that is.  I do know that when my house is picked up I feel better about myself and the world so tomorrow it is "get in gear" day----maybe.

I continue to look back at this time last year and the memories are so vivid it almost seems like my life is flashing before my eyes and mind.  The thing I keep remembering is that Gail looked so good and her eyes were so beautiful and clear there was certainly an angelic appearance about her face.  At this time her smiles were more difficult to come by but when they did they were so real and so full of love.  Oh my, my emotions this last week or two have been close to the surface most of the time. 

No, that popcorn is needing to be popped.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So be it

Here are 2 of grandpa's 3 little granddaughters.  Audrey on the left and Faustina on the right.  They, along with Ruby Gail are so cute.  Of course they are not any more special than those little grandsons, just cute in an entirely different way.

Cynthia and I made it.  12 days and 145 hours later we are no longer employed by the Minnesota State Fair and now our task is to catch up on our sleep.  On the way home this morning I stopped by one of my favorite cafes, Keys.  It is kind of a down home, greasy spoon place that has good food and HUGE amounts.  I purchased a paper, sat down and ordered a spinach omelet.  When it came I could not see the plate and I thought this will be my food for all day.  Well little did I realize I am now on a different wave length in my eating and the omelet was not even very good.  I ate a fourth of it and left the rest.  No more Keys Cafe for me, too much food, too greasy and just not my style anymore.  I would have saved money and enjoyed it more if I had driven a block farther and ordered a senior coffee with a burrito but live and learn I guess.

I arrived home and did my thing of taking care of Wallace, jumping in the tub and then looking at anything that may be on e-mail.  Cynthia stopped by and by the time it was bed time I could sleep a tiny bit so it will be early to bed today and a good night's sleep in my own bed.  I will need it as I plan to go on a 40 mile bike ride tomorrow with 5 other people.  Should be fun but hope the weather is nice.  I am so tuned in to taking sharp corners in the parking lot not sure I will know how to ride on a straight path any more.  During the fair I was able to put on 125 miles by riding in the lot but of course that was all turns, flat and round and round.  I am excited to get out in the open air again and see what God's play ground looks and smells like again.  Speaking of biking I have gotten all the info to Aaron for a new road bike so that may be ordered today.  I think there is about a 4-5 week turn around at Waterford bikes where the frame will be made so I do not plan to ride it until next year.  After the frame comes the components need to be put on and other things have to be added to make it a real bike.  Kind of hard to ride only a frame!!!!

As I sit here and write I think I may be getting tired!  Time to go and see if I need a nap.  Really I should go outside and get some work done but may be able to do some of that later in the day. 

I have spent some time today going back and reading the blog of a year ago.  Oh my I can not really do much of that.  Too many memories, too many heart aches, too much pain.  so much has happened in the last year that a year ago seems like eternity.  The changes, the new life, the pain and agony of going through life day by day is sobering yet I can see so much of God's love and grace.  I do not know if it is good for me to go back there now.  I think not.  Maybe in the future it will be OK.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Very short

Oh my I can hardly wait until tomorrow AM  One last night and this one will be 14 hours, from 6:00 PM this afternoon until 8:00 AM tomorrow.  I am not sure what I will do to celebrate tomorrow but I do know that I will need to catch up on some sleep.  Last night was difficult.  I walked, rode bike, watched a movie and still had a hard time keeping those eyes open.  I did manage to not sleep but if you have ever been in a situation where you nod our head, blink your eyes and try your best to not sleep that was where I was at much of the night last night and this morning. 

I think I will spend some time tomorrow making making a list and checking it twice to see what I may be doing over the next days, weeks and months.  It is hard to believe that we are now about 25% into September and fall is really in the air at times.  I have given up on my idea of a road trip vacation but not sure if I will replace it with something or just say it is not to be this year and start to think about next year. 

I am still digesting saying good bye to Gail, giving my blessing on John/Mary's move and all that involves.  I so miss all of John's family.  Mary has become like a daughter to me, John is of course special because of who he is and those little guys and Audrey are missed so much.  Family has changed so much in the last 12 months I almost hurt just to think about it but I also know that when a person tries to keep in God's will and follow his plan then his grace is also enough to carry one through difficilt times.  Such is the case with me but the changes are almost too much.  I am so thankful for Travis, Cynthia/Mike and little Faustina and Jude.  Aaron/Amy of course remain in Madison and at times that seems OK and at times they seem so far away.  I know they could be much much farther away BUT.

No I am about 10 min away from my last drive to the fair lot so got to go.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Count Down

The count down is on for the end of the fair work.  Tonight and tomorrow and it is history.  The weather has been so nice the last few days so that is a blessing.

Not much to say.  I just continue to exsiet for these last few days.  I suppose I should start to think of what I will start to do when Tuesday comes but have not gone there yet.  It is not as if there is a shortage of work or projects but rather a matter of what comes first, second etc. 

Cynthia will be here in about 30 min or so and have some more things to do so will sign off.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kind of short

My day is cut a bit short as I took in David Wind's wedding this afternoon.  I just returned from up town to get a couple of things to eat for tonight in the lot.
There is not much new as I just continue to count down on this state fair work.  We now only have 3 nights left and we will be home free.  Last night it was down to 48 so there was a chill in the air big time and I stayed in the warm pick up for some of the early morning hours.  I did get in 10 miles on my bike but too chilly for any more. 

I did take in the fair for a few hours.  Not the ideal thing to go solo at the fair but it was not bad either.  The last time I was there was in 2008 with Gail, Henry and Liam.  I enjoyed the memory time but of course there were tears too. I think I could remember each of the things we did like go on the Ferris wheel, eat french fries, have some special ice cream, Henry and I went on the sky ride, went through the old train in heritage square, listened as they started up some old tractors and I am sure there were other things too.

Enough, I need to get some things done before we go to work.

Friday, September 3, 2010

2/3 finished!!!!!!!

No picture, just a mention that we are now 2/3 finished with the fair work.  Really it is not the worst in the world but I will be so happy when Tuesday morning comes and I have slept for a while and then be able to say, "It is done for the year."  Will I do it next year, I do not know but time will tell.

We are having a bit of early fall cool weather.  It actually feels good but I think it is too cool for early September.  At noon it reads 56 with a biting wind.  Last night the parking lot was chilly so did not ride bike.  Cynthia did ride for about 45 min she said and she warmed up that way but me, I walked back and forth in the lot for about an hour.  I am sure it will be cooler tonight as the projected low is 49, wow.

I am going to venture to the fair this afternoon.  Will use one or two of my tickets for free sweet corn on a stick.  The guy gave me 19 which many will not be used.  Other than that I will have to get a bucket of fries.  Well maybe not a bucket as the "lonely guy" can not eat that much.  It certainly will be different going alone and I am sure not the most fun but will try it and see how it is.  This may be a test run to see if I like to do things alone or if I need to find people to go with.  At this point I hate to ask people if they would like to go some place with me.  Not sure why but that is the way it is.  Maybe I have a hidden fear of being rejected and that would squash my self esteem and I would need to pay to go to counseling!  I will venture into the stores in the grandstand as a friend is working a booth there and will say hi.  I do think I will wear jeans and a sweatshirt.  I did go out into the garage and use my trusty leather punch to make 2 more holes in my belt.  Much cheaper than buying a new belt.  The difficulties of losing weight. 

I continue to work through Aaron to get work started on that road bike that I will get.  Found out a new measurement that is needed and interesting way to measure it.  For a bike frame inseam you need to stand against the wall with feet about 6 inches apart.  You then use a hard cover book to put in your crouch as if you are riding a bike and apply 25 pounds of pressure which is supposed to be about what you would do if you were sitting on a bike.  You then measure the height from the floor to the binding of the book(make sure the binding is up and not down).  NOW YOU KNOW SOMETHING YOU ALWAYS NEEDED TO KNOW AND NEVER BOTHERED TO FIND OUT.

I just took a pizza out of the oven.  When it cools I will cut it, put it into the cooler and then Cynthia and I will have dinner tonight.  I will try to heat it up in a little grill that I have.

No, this may be enough for today.  Got to get ice in the cooler, get things on better order in the truck, try to find a DVD player and maybe Cynthia and I could watch some movies when we are working so hard at the parking lot.  My house is beginning to look like hurricane (name?) hit on Niles Ave.  Will need to get things in better order next week.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not much

Here is Audrey.  You can probably tell from this picture that she is getting to be such a big girl and when it comes to her brothers she can more than hold her own.

Not much today.  Cynthia and I finished another night at the fair.  Again about 3:00 AM we had a rain storm with at least an inch of rain and strong winds for a short while.  Cynthia was in the back of the pick up when it came and she raced to the little shelter we can sit in.  If a person is in the back of the pick up under the aluminma topper the rain sounds like it is the worst ever!!

Travis stopped over yesterday and brought dinner with him so he, I and Cynthia/Mike enjoyed veggies and steak.  It feels so different as that is family now in town.  As we all know and as I have experienced this last year time marches on, things change and who knows what is around the corner. 

I know I said I was not going to do a count down but I can not help it.  We are now 58% finished with the fair work.  I still have not decided when or if I want to go to the fair.  I know that a person should go during the week if possible because the crowds are so much smaller then but the week is almost finished and so that is not going to happen.  I know I will not go today and tomorrow is Friday. 

No, I once again tried to get in a good sleep and was up after 3 1/2 hours so maybe a nap is in order for this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Them are happy campers for SURE

Liam looks like the big guy as they often chew on a piece of grass when outside and Jude loves to wave good bye, wave hello and just wave. 

Well well well Cynthia and I reached the mountain top at 6:00 AM this morning and as 6:00 PM rolls around we are on the way down down to the bottom(Sept 7@8:00AM).  Nice night last night with cooler temps and not much wind.  I have been trying to get some exercise in on my bike during the wee hours of the morning when nothing is happening.  I ride my bike around the lot which is about the size of a city block.  Did not intend to ride too much last night but the more I rode the more determined I was to ride on.  Maybe it was good for an old body or maybe it used pent up energy or maybe the tiny little glitches of life caught up with me but what ever the reason I finally got off the bike at about 2:25 AM as the computer on the bike showed 25.2 miles.  It felt good.

We are now into September, wow.  With that of course comes yard clean up, storm windows, get the garage ready to park the truck in and of course that isn't even on my "must do list" so will spare that list least someone reads it and says that is impossible.  I do not want to be down and out before I attempt something.

I will miss men's group again tonight because of work.  It seems that I have been so busy with so many things that I have missed more events than I have gone to lately.  I do have a wedding on Saturday and I will not miss that but then I will have to go to work before the reception starts--such is life I guess.

I called my little sister last night but she was not home.  I suppose now that she has achieved the status of the "milestone" age she is out partying and things like that. 

I did get an e-mail from brother Dave and I had to print it out.  I laughed as when I read it I thought I was getting an e-mail from our dad.  Some of the wording in it sounded just like dad.  Might it be the case that all of us become more like our parents as we age gracefully?

Poor Wallace has not gotten any attention for a long time now and I know he feels it.  Starting with camp in early August he has been so neglected.  It was great as he did get a phone call when I was gone last night and even though he was bothered that his paw could not touch the talk button he did enjoy the message that was left and he was much happier today knowing that he is not totally forgotten. 

Enough for now.  I should be sleeping but could not get to sleep.  I do need to run some errands today.  Need to stop at a bike shop, need to get propane for the grill and maybe I need an Americano coffee at Starbucks.  The only sad thing is with my high paying night work I have to work a long time to pay for that darn Americano drink.  Is it worth it?

My home made salsa was a hit.  I brought it to work last night and it was gone in about 30 min and then for the next hour we all breathed fire!!