Sunday, September 12, 2010

A different time----God's plan is ever evolving

Here are Gail and I doing parking lot work for the first time during the State Fair of 2007.  Gail was in her element, outdoors and doing something with me.  As you can see I was also enjoying it very much.

Here is a summary of my blog of September 12, 2009
"It was a peaceful night for Gail.  She woke up twice but went right back to sleep after more meds.  I slept in a chair by her bed as the night before she had fallen out of bed and I did not want to put the rails up.  It seemed like the rails were so confining so sleeping by the bed was a better option.  Aaron arrived back from Madison so all the kids were there.  If you would have had the honor of watching them love their mother you could not have known who was a son or daughter by birth and who by marriage.  The togetherness of family was wonderful."

I was gone most of the day.  Was able to have lunch with a friend which was very nice.  In my new eating habits I ordered a chicken harvest salad which was very delicious, burgers are out for now!!  Some who know me would be astonished that a dinosaur like me could so change.  Now if Gail's potato salad would have been on the menu I would not have passed that up.  Anyway I was able to have my salad and satisfy my thirst with a Surly Beer which is always good. 

Not much more to say.  My big thing tomorrow will be to arrive at Inver Groove Honda by 7:00 AM for the first oil change on the car.  It is hard for people like me to change from the mind set that cars need an oil change each 3000 miles but these new ones have this device which says when to change oil and for my car the first oil change will come at 7100 miles.  I did ask if that was correct and they said yes so will go with it.

I continue to reflect on how much life can and has changed in the last 18 months or so.  It makes one really happy that one can not see into the future as it would at times be hard to face.

I did not ride bike today but will get on the bike again tomorrow and put more miles on.  My weight goal is to lose 5 more pounds by the end of the month.  We will see what happens.  Eating less and working and exercising more should do the trick.

Being the world's worst speller I wonder if anyone has the problem I do.  Sometimes I an so far off spell check can not even come up with the right word.!!  Yesterday it took me 10 minutes or more to spell the word scheme.  I can not remember what I tried a hundred times but I must have been way way off.

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