Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax day come and gone

Tax day came yesterday but they were not due!!  Because of a holiday in Washington DC we get until Monday.  I actually worked a bit on mine and am finally finished.  I owe big time as 2010 is the first time I have filed as a single and ouch! 
Travis arrived Wednesday noon and stayed until yesterday early morning.  It was fun having him here.  Terry and I usually do not eat out much but did the while time Travis was here as we wanted him to eat local foods in restaurants which are kind of fun.  I think his favorite was the grouper basket Thursday lunch.  We had the Wednesday evening lobster special at the Ale house but I think Travis felt it would be too much work or maybe too messy to have that so he had a shrimp dish. 
I did have my MRI last week and then went over the results with the dr. Wednesday AM.  There is a muscle tear in the right calf and today I will go in for my third day of PT.  They are using a cold laser and ultrasound on it and the place we go does PT with the idea that it should be pain free.  I like that.  The PT person is a bit concerned about the long drive to MN but I will have Terry drive a lot and I will drive mostly when I can use the cruise so I do not need to use that leg much.  I probably will need to do more PT when we arrive in MN but in the end it should be fine.  The therapest said NO physical use of the leg for sports for at least 4 months because if I would injure it again it may just completely tear away from the bone and then surgery.  She said that would not be good.
We now have 3 days to get things done here as we head north on Tuesday.  It would be nice if we had 2 weeks but will have to try to get things done in a hurry.  With the climate in southwest FL a person has to do much before leaving a place for 6 months.  If the air would go out and the home was not checked it would be full of mold in a week or so.  That happened to one of Terry's friends and they had to have the entire home cleaned professionally twice and still not sure they got it clean.  One of the things that needs to be done is the driveway needs to be sprayed with bleach so that it is not black in the fall. 
I almost forgot to mention that Travis is driving the 1987  Cadillac Allante convertible to MN.  We tried to sell it here but there are just too too many expensive cars and we did not get one call.  This car is in pristine condition and has 105,000 on it but we now have 4 vehicles and we need to down down scale.  We are hoping Travis gets home without incident and after Easter the car sells quickly.
We are looking forward to spending a couple of days with Aaron/Amy and family over Easter.  I am really excited because Aaron said the WI Easter bunny brings good beer to the men.
Leo turned 4 yesterday.  Those kids are getting just too old.  My in a very short time, before the end of the year, those grandkids will be 8,6,4,3,3,2,1.  I think I got that right.
No--work to do today and breakfast sounds like a good deal so will sign off.

Monday, March 14, 2011


You can look at this picture as a sunset or a sunrise.  Actually it is both for me.  A sunset--this will be my last entry on this blog.  A sunrise--I will be moving on with a new blog and a new life.
All things must end at some time.  After countless entries, hundreds of pictures and I know many many hours of writing it is time to move on.
January 26, 2009 Gail discovered a lump on her chest.  We were in the middle of a renewed life, a weight loss schedule and life was good but-----the doctor said she was pretty sure it was only a strained muscle but we needed to come in and be sure.  January 30th life took a turn that would lead to eternal life for Gail and a journey that I would need to walk with the help of family and friends.  On March 23 Cynthia and Mike encouraged me to start a blog, that was over 600 entries ago and almost 2 years past.
From February-September 14 Gail and I prayed, worked, changed how we ate and pretty much focused 24/7 on Gail's health.  We prayed and hoped with all our energy and faith that Gail would be physically healed and live a long life.  However in God's mysterious ways it did not come to past and September 14, 2009 Gail met our Lord and I embarked on a journey that has been lonely, full of family and friends, difficult, life changing and of course many more adjectives could be used. 
So here I am 18 months to the day that Gail left us.  I have focused on home, I led Servant Camp in 2010, I have welcomed Ruby Gail Lee into our family, have given my blessing on John/Mary to move (I am not saying they needed my approval but I am saying it was the right thing for them to do), I have turned Servant Camp over to new leadership, my house has become to some degree my home and not Gail's and I have seen all those wonderful grandchildren grow and grow and grow.  Oh yes, I have also explored entering into a new relationship.  I am currently in Naples Florida enjoying the sun and activities and talking to a friend to see if we may want to live our life together into old age.
Before Gail died she and I talked about my life after her death.  She said I should not live alone and I said I would be happy with my wood shop and family.  I found out something about myself that was a complete surprise to me.  I grew up in rural ND and spent countless hours alone.  Everything from shooting baskets to bouncing the ball against the barn (I was Johnny Logan when I did that!!), to making wooden guns to fishing to whatever I did much of it was alone.  So for sure I would be happy alone.  Well Cynthia pointed out that I did that because of my environment but really that was not me.  Well for you men you probably know what it is like to get wisdom from your daughter!!  However it was true and I have found that I am happiest when I am with others.
I feel that my grieving is behind me.  Gail will always be missed and in talking to people who have lost loved ones I know that is true but I know it is time for me to focus on the future and what God has for me in the months and years ahead. 
With that I say good-bye to my grandma Gail blog.  I have started up a new one that anyone is invited to look at but it will focus on family and new adventures in my life, something that many of you may find boring.  The blog has peaked my interest in writing and I want to continue to do that.
If you are interested here is the new blog: http//
I know that many people over the past two years have read my blog.  I cherish the many comments that were made and  I appreciate the advice and insights that were given.  I know that God has used the blog to lighten the burden of grieving and to heal the wounds of my loss.  To each who came into my life through my blog I am most thankful.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well it almost looks like it could be October but really it was an hour and 45 min St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday.  O my there were thousands of people sitting along the route, many many entries and a great time.  I think next year Terry and I may bring 2 chairs, put a life size doll between us and see how much candy we can get!!!!  
Actually the candy came in handy for energy as today it was a 30 mile bike ride which raised money for the blood bank.  Well I would say maybe the candy did not help a lot but for sure we needed energy to get to the end of the 2 and 1/2 hr ride.  It was a fun time and the weather certainly was perfect with temps a bit cool at start time of 8:00 AM but really with a sunny 70+ there were no complaints.  I do not know how many entries there were but my guess would be maybe 150 or so.  The rides could be 10, 30 or 60 miles. 
It was the ball machine at 2:30 this afternoon and I think the sunset needs some attention tonight.  That should be a  nice ending to a rest full day or should I say a fun day. 
I have discovered something else which begs a question.  I have mentioned in the past that I have lost some weight and that is good but I do need to find out something.  I think the stores or companies have a scam going as they must make clothes bigger now and or put the wrong size on them.  I feel so good when I buy a new pair of pants or shorts as I am down two sizes but really I think I may be down only 1 size and the "relaxed" fit is really a size larger than they say.  I am wondering if anybody else has that feeling or if by some stroke of luck or hard work I actually am down 2 sizes.  On second thought I will believe I am and that will make me feel good for a while.
We plan to catch a buger and fries at "Five Guys" before the sunset.  I love that place but not too often.  A person can order a small order of fries and after they put the burger and container of fries in the bag they throw an exra scoop of fries in the bag.  My kind of place!!  However with that I may need to start a schedule in the exercise room here if I stop there too many times. 
I forgot to mention that Terry and I drove to the Catholic Community Ave Maria last Tuesday.  An interesting place to visit.  An artist is putting the finishing touches on a 54 ton marble sculpture which will be the largest of the Annunciation in the world.  Very very impressive.  We went on an hour trolley tour which was free and very nice.  It is about 30 miles from Terry's house.  The dedication of the sculpture will be March 25 on Annunciation Sunday.
Read in the Naples paper today about 800 people who needed to be rescued in ND as they were caught in a storm.  Brother Dave in Jamestown said that Gail's brother Mark and Mary stopped in Jamestown as they were on their way to Bismarck to catch a plane.  They needed to stay over night and so they called and stopped over for a nice visit.  No snow here !!!!!   Enough

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A bit chilly

As I rolled out of bed this morning I was reminded of a couple of things.  The first is the fact that I was on a 21 mile bike ride yesterday and my body made sure I knew it had been some time since I had ridden that far.  The second thing was we are in kind of a cold spell here in Naples and the temp was at 51. 
I think the day will bring a trip to downtown Naples where there will be a St. Patrick's Day parade.  I do not know if I have any green but will try to find something that is close.  Maybe Terry and I can find some green beer afterwards but not sure about that either.  Anyway it has been a long time, maybe never, since I have taken in a St. Patrick's Day parade so should  be fun. 
I forgot to mention that after the bike ride yesterday it was an hour with the ball machine on the tennis court so maybe, just maybe, it was almost too much exercise yesterday.  This old body had better recover soon as it is onto a 30 mile ride tomorrow for the cause of giving blood so the legs need to be in shape and the behind needs to be OK.
I have not finished my french press coffee so will sign off for now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I know that nobody realized it but I have become famous.  They have now named the county that Bonita Springs is in after me.  Bonita Springs is on the north border of Naples.  I am not sure why unless the locals feel that my Bentley bike is something that may attract many visitors here. 
It is a day for projects and catch up things as we have gotten much rain today.  It came about a half hour before the tennis clinic so that was rained out.  At 6:00 AM it was 69 degrees and now at 2:00 PM it is still the same temp.  I know if you are in MN you have no sympathy for me but it is a bit chilly!!!
Here we are near the end of the first week in march.
Terry and I are signed up for a 30 mile bike ride this Sunday.  It is a ride that cost $20 and the money goes towards a blood bank.  It should be a fun time.  The rides are 10, 30 or 60 miles but we felt that we have not ridden enough to go the 60 mile one.  It will be interesting to see how many people are on the ride.
Am thinking of making some changes on the blog soon but will share that in the next few days.
We are coming up on a couple of important birthdays in the family.  Amy and Mary will be celebrating in a few days and for those who live close to either of them you know that each gets better with age so bring on those birthdays.
Back to projects.

Monday, March 7, 2011

It may get boring

As I have said so many times I get mesmerized by sunsets on the gulf coast.  Here I caught the sun with my 300 lens and it looks like the sun is on a small stand.  Later a boat went past.
Not a lot of news.  Did the tennis ball machine yesterday with Terry and that was fun.  Spent time at the beach tonight which is always relaxing and fun.  Tonight the waves were maybe bigger than I have seen them and that was fun. 
My calf muscle is getting better ever so slowly but every little bit helps so will be thankful for the progress.  Can not ever remember having a muscle be so sore for so long but it is not the worst thing in the world. 
Terry has 7 windows in her home and the screens were in terrible shape so I repaired all of them last Saturday and that was good.  I have those old old wooden screens and storms in St. Paul and these new kind of screens are so easy to repair.  Makes me wonder about my old house!!!!!!  
The weather continues to be "hard to beat" here.  Today it was sunny and mid 70's so can not be unhappy with that.  Sounds like weather in St. Paul is too cold/snowy yet.
Time continues to fly by and here we are into the first full week in March.  Before I know it the Lee family reunion in the Black Hills will be on us.  I think I have some work to do on that so need to get some e-mails out about it.
Will sign off for now.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A long time

Here are some pictures that will show a bit of Naples FL.  The sunset and people who come to watch it.  As I have said in the past I have fallen in love with sunsets on the gulf coast.  Terry and I go to take the sunsets in about 3 or 4 evenings a week and it never is boring or the same. 
The flowers happened to just be near the road as we were driving alone.  Actually the first time we saw them we were on a bike ride and we just had to go back with my camera.
We have seen a couple of movies that have been great.  We saw "The King's speech" and it was great.  Having been a stutterer in my childhood I could really relate to many things in the movie.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies as it is very very good.  Also saw "The fighter" today and really enjoyed that too.
I continue to play tennis and continue to have some difficulties with my right calf.  It is getting better but still gets sore when I use it a lot.  On Thursday went on an hour walk/run, then played a tennis clinic and then Terry and I used the tennis ball machine for an hour and by evening it was hurting a bit.  I know, I used it too much in one day but it was a fun time.
I continue to enjoy the warm weather here and all of the new activities.  Never in my life have I done these things and it has been a wonderful time.  I may be becoming a friend of warm winter weather and a foe of cold and snow!!!!!
Here it is well into March and the time seems to have flown by so fast.  My tan is a sign that things are going well.  Each time I blog I promise to do it more often but oh my the time goes so fast.