Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well it almost looks like it could be October but really it was an hour and 45 min St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday.  O my there were thousands of people sitting along the route, many many entries and a great time.  I think next year Terry and I may bring 2 chairs, put a life size doll between us and see how much candy we can get!!!!  
Actually the candy came in handy for energy as today it was a 30 mile bike ride which raised money for the blood bank.  Well I would say maybe the candy did not help a lot but for sure we needed energy to get to the end of the 2 and 1/2 hr ride.  It was a fun time and the weather certainly was perfect with temps a bit cool at start time of 8:00 AM but really with a sunny 70+ there were no complaints.  I do not know how many entries there were but my guess would be maybe 150 or so.  The rides could be 10, 30 or 60 miles. 
It was the ball machine at 2:30 this afternoon and I think the sunset needs some attention tonight.  That should be a  nice ending to a rest full day or should I say a fun day. 
I have discovered something else which begs a question.  I have mentioned in the past that I have lost some weight and that is good but I do need to find out something.  I think the stores or companies have a scam going as they must make clothes bigger now and or put the wrong size on them.  I feel so good when I buy a new pair of pants or shorts as I am down two sizes but really I think I may be down only 1 size and the "relaxed" fit is really a size larger than they say.  I am wondering if anybody else has that feeling or if by some stroke of luck or hard work I actually am down 2 sizes.  On second thought I will believe I am and that will make me feel good for a while.
We plan to catch a buger and fries at "Five Guys" before the sunset.  I love that place but not too often.  A person can order a small order of fries and after they put the burger and container of fries in the bag they throw an exra scoop of fries in the bag.  My kind of place!!  However with that I may need to start a schedule in the exercise room here if I stop there too many times. 
I forgot to mention that Terry and I drove to the Catholic Community Ave Maria last Tuesday.  An interesting place to visit.  An artist is putting the finishing touches on a 54 ton marble sculpture which will be the largest of the Annunciation in the world.  Very very impressive.  We went on an hour trolley tour which was free and very nice.  It is about 30 miles from Terry's house.  The dedication of the sculpture will be March 25 on Annunciation Sunday.
Read in the Naples paper today about 800 people who needed to be rescued in ND as they were caught in a storm.  Brother Dave in Jamestown said that Gail's brother Mark and Mary stopped in Jamestown as they were on their way to Bismarck to catch a plane.  They needed to stay over night and so they called and stopped over for a nice visit.  No snow here !!!!!   Enough

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