Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's Mary

Mary joined our family June 28, 2002. You would not believe what she can do. She's a teacher, a handicrafter (not sure that is a real word!), a great mother, she is very very good for John, she has more order in her world than the rest of the Lee's in Minnesota put together and the list is actually endless. I almost forgot, she's pretty too!!!!
Forty-one years ago today Gail graduated from college in Minot ND at 11:00 am and then we jumped in the car and drove 400 miles for our wedding rehearsal. We celebrate our 41 anniversary tomorrow. I am guessing that we will do so by having a couple shots of wheat grass juice, some apple and carrot juice and of course Gail will continue to do her garlic thing. My, my 41 years has a way of changing things.
Yesterday was much of the same for Gail. She still has hip problems so she does not walk much. She is sleeping now butI think she was up much of last night. Her sister Debbie and niece visited for a couple of hours in the evening.
Yesterday our kitchen sink clogged so I spent a few hours fixing that. A metal pipe was completely plugged at an elbow. For you handy people you know how much fun plumping is. I also was able to make a super duper new saw horse and I must say it turned out well. Now I have something to put windows and screens on as I paint them. My not so good saw horses are holding up the 18,000 piece puzzle which lays in the basement begging for attention.
Dan Saunders has his graduation party today. Most likely I will drive down with Cynthia and Faustina for a couple of hours. We will see how Gail feels when she gets up but she probably will stay home.
Have a great Sunday and many thanks for believing as we do and praying as we do for Gail's complete healing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Avoid all dark allys!!

We did the grandchildren from oldest to youngest, now for the kids. John will turn 40 this December and here he looks like he could be on a mission. John gives of himself 150% to Trinity School, is a handy man supreme as he put an addition on their house, does a wonderful job with the 3 children and to relax he and his neighbor Ben sometimes go on a 40 mile bike ride to Afton in the early morning!! Actually he has not changed a lot from the toddler who used to run around morning to night revving up the activities at home.
Gail's day yesterday was OK. Her hip continues to give her problems. She has been icing it and that does seem to help. When I came downstairs this morning she was up and had been much of the night but now she is trying to get some sleep.
As a farmer I am getting low grades. As I read that sentence it seems like I can't help but mix teaching with farmers as most farmers do not grade themselves. Anyway, my wheat grass for the time being is suffering from a drought I think. Cynthia did get 4 flats of wheat started but she too was not perfect as she put too much soil in it. Whatever happens we are making sure Gail Gail gets her 2-3 ounces of wheat grass juice twice a day. I know, some of you are saying that we have gone off the deep end. Well the scoop is that wheat grass juice is really healthy and for Gail it is a no brainer because her body needs to be restored and there is no medical help for her. So as we hope and pray always for healing we daily seek to give her body everything we can to repair it. I do wish you could see her as I do because she is a fantastic woman of God and continues to be so special to all those around her. We continue to believe she will be healed but if we lose this battle for Gail's health she certainly will be in a better place but each of us will have lost a bit of ourselves.
The weekend is looking like it could be a bit of heavenly weather so if you are experiencing the same weather where you are get outside, golf, walk, ride bike, sit in the park but whatever you enjoy, do it and give God the glory.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Neither storm or work keep me from my duty

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. In the fall of 07 after we had come back from the 7 week camping trip out east we went on an overnight to a state park with Henry and Liam. Liam was 2 at the time and being potty trained. The picture says it all. You can't see it but he is eating a smore. Of course Gail brought new meaning to the saying we brought everything with us including the kitchen sink!
For some reason Gail was perhaps more tired yesterday than Wednesday. Her hip became much worse. Two years ago she had problems with it and had to have a shot and physical therapy so we are thinking that problem has returned. I did make an apt for her with the same person who worked with her then but the first opening was June 8. They were kind enough to put her on the list if anyone canceled so we are praying someone cancels either today or next week. We ask you to keep believing with us that Gail will be healed but at the same time we ask for patience and wisdom in treating her health.
We did cancel our family camping trip which is disappointing but Aaron/Amy/Leo are coming next weekend so that is GOOD.
We ask a special blessing on Dan Saunders as he nears that special high school graduation day. As of now it looks like Carmen will spend some time at Dan's open house Sunday and Gail will continue to rest.
Today looks like another picture perfect day like yesterday. However with each passing day we get more and more dry. If we do not get rain this weekend May of 09 will go down as the driest May since the early 30's.
Have a super weekend and thanks for your continued prayers

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Second!!! and who knows

Audrey, our 5Th grandchild and another girl. I am afraid because as all of you know the men must out number the women to even stay on an equal bases!!! Now with another one coming (boy or girl--we know not) in August us men could be in trouble!!
Grandma calls Audrey her little angel and you can see why. Her infectious smile is usually as big as the Grand Canyon. All she needs in the picture is a halo and it would be perfect.
As of yesterday afternoon Gail does feel better. She was up most of the day and again this morning she is dressed and as of this moment she is basking in the sun on the deck. We have talked to a doctor, have made an appointment with a physical therapist for a hip problem and are continuing to deal with her health BUT we believe she will get well and thank you for thinking the same!!!
We hope that where ever you are the weather is like it is here. The temp is about 60, the sun is bright, the wind is calm and the smells of spring flowers and blossoms fill the air. Thank you Lord for your wondrous creations of our earth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A First

We men thought we had a lock on grandchildren as they came boy, boy, boy but Faustina broke the pattern. Really I think we will not be unhappy as she is certainly a keeper and of course her wardrobe is better than any of those work in the shop, dig in the dirt, examine the worm boys!!!

Gail did a bit better yesterday. She was up most of the day and she actually helped put in the tomato plants in the back yard. Once again I do not think she slept well as she was downstairs at 2:00 this morning but she is still sleeping now.
We have canceled our June family camping trip and I also canceled our hotel stay on our anniversary. I think Gail's body needs to stay home and rest rest to heal as it is very run down. I am beginning to think that when I hold her to give her a big hug I may miss as her weight is approaching the number she was at in the 70's. Her looks is still like wine, better with age and certainly better at 63 than at 30, and I thought she was cute at 30!
I will end with a picture of our tomatoes, which Cynthia started at home, just to prove that we do some work and I don't sit blogging all day. Thanks for your continued prayers and belief that Gail will be healed. As I write I know some of you on our 24 hour prayer watch are praying for her healing which is a huge blessing for Gail and I.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Leo--then and now

We would say Leo has changed a bit!! He is getting to be quite the boy. We do not get to see him often enough but when we do he is so funny, so cute and such an independent young man.

I am going to ramble a bit this morning so here goes.
As I was sitting and praying tonight I was thinking, "Why do I believe Gail will be healed?" I have spent the last several days helping, praying and trying my best to serve Gail as she is going through a difficult time right now. I had just looked at her sternum and the raised area does not look good. So I asked God, why should I believe? He then entered my mind and heart in an interesting way. He slowly took me back to these things
He said, Remember Gail telling you about being run over with the farm truck at the age of 5 and coming out of it with only a broken leg? I was there he said. Remember when you, at the age of 12 was such a severe stutterer that you couldn't talk, I was there. How could you forget that when Gail was in college her back was so so bad that she often had to sleep on the floor, I was there. Oh, and don't forget when Gail was in the hospital for 30 days with the after effects of a burst appendix and she was so so close to death, I was there. For 32 years you have lived in the house that I arranged for you to have when all earthly efforts failed I came through for you. Make sure you remember that in 1974 you were told that there would be no more children in the Lee household because of Gail's sickness and then came Cynthia in 1980 and I informed you before Gail knew--that was such a special time. And for sure you must remember that in 1978 all of your family wrote "checks to heaven" and within a week your house in ND sold, Aaron got a new friend, grandpa Lee's leg was healed and Travis did not get the chicken pox. He said surely you have not forgotten that!!!!
The Lord went on to remind me of more and more things that have been REAL miracles in our lives and so I came to the end of my meditation and thought about Gail in her current health. I said Lord we have not seen Gail's health improve yet, we have not experienced your loving healing in Gail these last 4 months but yet we believe you will heal and we know you are a God of compassion, love and protection. I end by saying that we have experienced many miracles in our lives, many healings and miracles in the lives of friends. We know God is a god of healing and we do believe Gail will be healed.

Liam Monday

Liam is our dress up guy. On the right he has on grandpa's old boots. When we went on the boat for mother's Day he came with his super man cape saying it was a party!! As you can see he also likes ice cream and I would say pretty much any treat grandma has on any given day!!!

Yesterday it was fun to see Travis, Cynthia and John/Mary each for a bit. Of course we missed seeing Aaron/Amy but we certainly thought of them. Gail spent a restful day yesterday. She said she felt a bit better in the afternoon but was still very tired. Lord, we ask that you would visit us today with your healing power.
We thought of our nephew Luke as he went through high school graduation yesterday in North Dakota. He graduated from Sargent Central where Gail graduated 45 years ago. Wow, that makes us sound ancient. It is hard to remember back that far. I do not know if that says something about our age, our memory or both.
Have a blessed Memorial Day. We especially remember Dad Saunders and Mother and Dad Lee on this day. Of course we too remember our niece DeeAnn who left us a year ago.
As Gail and I count down to June 1st, our 41 anniversary, I leave you with a picture of us camping in PEI in the fall of 2007.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old and New

For the next few days I will post pictures of young and old grand kids! We start with the oldest, Henry. I think the one picture is when he was about 7-8 months and the older one is when he is 5 yr 8 months.

Gail had a good time last night at the concert. She continues to be very very tired and again today she is resting. We have come to realize that there is no way to figure why she feels the way she does or what it means but it is important to expect, believe and pray for healing. I know that it is important to deal with the "real" but in my spirit I have come to experience that when we talk about "what if........" it seems that a knife of disbelief cuts to my believing heart so we do not go there for now.
I mentioned wheat grass a few days ago, well I planted my first crop this morning so we will see if I have any farmer left in me. If I do we should have grass to juice in 10-12 days. I did send for a electric juicer so stay tuned to "the farmer in the dell" no I mean "the farmer in the city".

Saturday, May 23, 2009


As I write the weather is perfect, sunny, a bit cool and not much breeze. We received a bit of rain last night, not much but enough to perk up the dandelions!!
Wouldn't you guess, after posting an "upbeat" note on Tuesday afternoon Gail has not felt well since. Friday and this morning she has spent most of the time resting. Why or what??--we do not know but of course your prayers are needed and wanted. We opted out of a meeting last night but this evening she will be going with her friend Lizzia to a concert. It was intended to be a dinner and concert but she does not think she would last for both. Times like this certainly test one's faith--but it also helps us grow in many ways too. Lord we pray that you will come in power and mercy and heal Gail. In the days ahead we ask for wisdom, peace and good health.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fabulous Five!!!

Here they are:Faustina-1, Liam-4, Leo-2, Henry-5+, Audrey-7 months
All of them provide laughs, fun, memories, love, purpose and they always are a bright light in the lives of grdma and grdpa.
We BELIEVE that Gail continues to be healed. We have yet to get that report we are waiting for but we think we know what it will say. Gail enjoyed a 90 minute massage yesterday thanks to niece Sarah who won it and gave it to Gail, many thanks. Gail continues to have discomfort on the upper left side of her chest, pray that it is healing.
We will be celebrating our 41 anniversary June 1. We are looking forward to a special day, a time of memory sharing and a time of planning for the years ahead. We have had some really fun anniversaries in the past and also some unusual ones like the time we went on a day road trip but were so exhausted we stopped in at a small country church and took a nap in the car. We hope we have learned from some of those goofy but memorable times.
We hope you have a great Memorial Weekend and make sure you enjoy the few days of May that we have left.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Renewed hope

Cynthia and Faustina hold the toy that grandpa made and grdma/grdpa gave to her for her birthday.
Gail had a great afternoon. Her spirits were up, she had energy and the afternoon was an upper. Sometimes I think I am too much "in the moment" and not enough "long term" vision but regardless in the world of ups and downs at the moment we are UP!!!
Please continue to help us and support us as you have so well by praying for peace, faith and HEALING.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grandma-Faustina with birthday cake made by Grandma

Here is the cake that everyone enjoyed for dessert. It is the same bunny that Cynthia enjoyed for her 1st birthday. The bunny actually said, "This is getting old!!"
This afternoon we enjoyed a drive to a greenhouse to get flowers for our porch flower pots. It turned out to be a quiet restful Sunday. Tomorrow we are hoping and planning on planting flowers getting some screens ready to put on, get the lawn mowed and start preparing for the planting of wheat grass which we will juice and drink. I am not sure I am brave enough to drink it but Gail says let's go for it and see if it helps. I promised to go along for the ride and who knows maybe I will like the taste! Stay tuned as it will take a couple of weeks to grow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tree Monkeys!!

The picture was taken at St. Kate's pond on Thursday. We had a great time for 2 hours on Thursday feeding the ducks, chasing the ducks and climbing trees.
It has been a fun few days. Leo was the perfect boy while he was here, Grdma/Grdpa day on Thursday with 4 all day and 5 for a while was great. Aaron/Amy returned from their vacation and stayed here Thursday night until today. Today we celebrated Faustina's bd as Cynthia/Mike had a great party. I think that at the age of 62 I do not have as many friends as Faustina. Her bd is actually Wed the 20th.
Gail's update. For some reason she came down suddenly with a bad cold so she will have to lay low a bit and take care of herself for a couple of days. Also, she has not felt great the last few days. We hope and pray that it will pass quickly. Continue to pray for healing and also pray that we can stay positive and upbeat ALWAYS.
Today the weather was cool, a high of less than 60 but a warm up is on the way.
Have a great Sunday and give all the glory to God and thank him for being so good to us all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Regaring Mother's Day Quiz

The $100 means nothing!!! What happened was the lady wanted our table so she sat down, tore off Travis' name and claimed the table as hers!!! My comment about the home school was I hope she is not teaching her kids at home as that moment when she tore off Travis' name certainly said a lot to her kids!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leo is HERE!!!!!!!!

Leo arrived about 4:30 today. He will be here until Aaron/Amy arrive Thursday night and then all will stay until Saturday. I think he already has Grdma/Grdpa wrapped around his little finger and they are loving it.
Today was windy, cold and a few light rain drops. Maybe we will see the sun tomorrow but we will not complain as the trees are almost at full greenery and lawns are lush but a bit dry.
Gail continues to do fine. We actually had a bit of a down time yesterday afternoon for no real reason it seemed. It just happens that sometimes more than others the extreme seriousness of Gail's health hangs a bit heavy. I really think we experience times like that to strengthen our faith in God and to realize again that he is in control and he surrounds us with his protection and love. We do believe Gail is being healed and we again ask you to believe with us. May God's goodness and glory shine through Gail in all of this.
We hope to get some tests done next week. We are hoping and we expect to hear good news. Pray that the results are encouraging.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'll give you $100 if you can guess why the picture! As we arrived on the boat for Mother's Day brunch Travis, mother and I found our assigned table which read Travis Lee Group 9-0-4. We then went up on the 3rd deck to watch and wave as others arrived. 20 minutes later when everyone had arrived we went to our table to find that another Lee party had torn Travis off our sign and claimed our table!!!! They were assigned a table on the first deck and they decided it would be better in our second deck place. They would not move until we called a deck hand and when he saw the sign and found out they had 15 people he said they had to move to their own table. I just hope the mother is not home schooling!
AFTER we were seated the rest of the time was wonderful. Everyone had a grand time. The food was good and the company was better.
We are gearing up for Leo to come Tuesday afternoon and stay until Saturday. He remembers that Grdma/Grdpa have a toy train and a basket of toys. Aaron/Amy will arrive back Thursday and stay through Faustina's bd party Sat.
We did get out 175 postcards for camp today before postage went up.
One thing we have noticed is the smell of spring is so so in the air, it smells heavenly.
Gail had a great nights sleep last night which was super. She is also showing a return of her appetite which is positive. We also think she is on the last jar of garlic which will be nice so all in all we are excited and pleased with how she is doing.
Have a great week and many many many thanks for continuing to pray and believing that Gail will be totally healed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's so fun to be young!!

Here's the picture I promised yesterday, I think it is great
Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, May 8, 2009


Here is the little red bike that we purchased in 1975 when John was ready to ride. Henry is now 5 and rides it like a champ. In the picture you see Liam debating what he can take apart on it!! Of course grandma had to find and grandpa had to put the cross bar on so that it was NOT a girls bike.
After 3 weeks of no gdma/gdpa Thursday we were back at it yesterday and of course the kids loved it. Perhaps tomorrow I can post a super picture of Liam trying to catch the ducks at St. Kates College.
As always please pray daily for Gail. She is doing fine but has experienced pain on her upper right side for the last 10 days or so. It makes getting a good night sleep a challenge so pray that she sleeps well and BELIEVE that she is being healed. On Tuesday we had several people over to pray and then we enjoyed burgers, quesadillas (with walnuts), salad and Susan's made from scratch chocolate cake. All the food was great but that cake was certainly "to die for". Even though Gail and I eat very little sugar or white flour now we both had to have a piece. I thought the afternoon was a good example of living our christian life more in common with others. It certainly was a exercise in getting out of ourselves and living with and for others.
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday night

It was a good but busy weekend. Both of us worked 9-1 at the fairgrounds Sat and Sun. The weather was warm and sunny and it was great to be outside.
Had a People of Praise meeting Sunday afternoon with a gathering after to eat together which was enjoyable.
It appears that Gail is finished with the census for now and perhaps until next spring. She did work 3 full weeks which was fun for her. It is now back to normal if we can find that ground.
Travis confirmed Mother's Day brunch on the river boat Sunday so that should be fun.
We are looking ahead to Aaron/Amy and Leo coming. Leo will be here Tuesday afternoon with A/A coming in Thursday from their vacation. That we can hardly wait for.
I almost forgot, on Wednesday several people will gather here from 4-5 to pray for Gail and then I will put burgers on at 5. We are so blessed to have a 24 hour prayer watch for Gail every week from Tu 5 PM to Wed 5 PM. We are sure that is a big part of her healing that we believe in.
Gail has experienced pain in her right upper body the last week. It is in the area that she had a port in when she was getting treatment for so long. We hope and pray that it is a sign of healing and we ask that you pray in the same way. I will repeat again and perhaps many many times in the future. We have seen no sign of healing but she continues to feel well so we hope, pray and expect healing is happening.