Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'll give you $100 if you can guess why the picture! As we arrived on the boat for Mother's Day brunch Travis, mother and I found our assigned table which read Travis Lee Group 9-0-4. We then went up on the 3rd deck to watch and wave as others arrived. 20 minutes later when everyone had arrived we went to our table to find that another Lee party had torn Travis off our sign and claimed our table!!!! They were assigned a table on the first deck and they decided it would be better in our second deck place. They would not move until we called a deck hand and when he saw the sign and found out they had 15 people he said they had to move to their own table. I just hope the mother is not home schooling!
AFTER we were seated the rest of the time was wonderful. Everyone had a grand time. The food was good and the company was better.
We are gearing up for Leo to come Tuesday afternoon and stay until Saturday. He remembers that Grdma/Grdpa have a toy train and a basket of toys. Aaron/Amy will arrive back Thursday and stay through Faustina's bd party Sat.
We did get out 175 postcards for camp today before postage went up.
One thing we have noticed is the smell of spring is so so in the air, it smells heavenly.
Gail had a great nights sleep last night which was super. She is also showing a return of her appetite which is positive. We also think she is on the last jar of garlic which will be nice so all in all we are excited and pleased with how she is doing.
Have a great week and many many many thanks for continuing to pray and believing that Gail will be totally healed.


Anonymous said...

There are some sneaky people in this world, or so I've heard! They usually get caught though. Sounds like it was a wonderful day and a beautiful one to honor Moms everywhere. I continue to pray and believe in Gail's healing and I'm thankful for the support she has.

Love, Helen

Jen said...

I can't figure this out. When will you post an answer?