Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday night

It was a good but busy weekend. Both of us worked 9-1 at the fairgrounds Sat and Sun. The weather was warm and sunny and it was great to be outside.
Had a People of Praise meeting Sunday afternoon with a gathering after to eat together which was enjoyable.
It appears that Gail is finished with the census for now and perhaps until next spring. She did work 3 full weeks which was fun for her. It is now back to normal if we can find that ground.
Travis confirmed Mother's Day brunch on the river boat Sunday so that should be fun.
We are looking ahead to Aaron/Amy and Leo coming. Leo will be here Tuesday afternoon with A/A coming in Thursday from their vacation. That we can hardly wait for.
I almost forgot, on Wednesday several people will gather here from 4-5 to pray for Gail and then I will put burgers on at 5. We are so blessed to have a 24 hour prayer watch for Gail every week from Tu 5 PM to Wed 5 PM. We are sure that is a big part of her healing that we believe in.
Gail has experienced pain in her right upper body the last week. It is in the area that she had a port in when she was getting treatment for so long. We hope and pray that it is a sign of healing and we ask that you pray in the same way. I will repeat again and perhaps many many times in the future. We have seen no sign of healing but she continues to feel well so we hope, pray and expect healing is happening.

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