Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leo is HERE!!!!!!!!

Leo arrived about 4:30 today. He will be here until Aaron/Amy arrive Thursday night and then all will stay until Saturday. I think he already has Grdma/Grdpa wrapped around his little finger and they are loving it.
Today was windy, cold and a few light rain drops. Maybe we will see the sun tomorrow but we will not complain as the trees are almost at full greenery and lawns are lush but a bit dry.
Gail continues to do fine. We actually had a bit of a down time yesterday afternoon for no real reason it seemed. It just happens that sometimes more than others the extreme seriousness of Gail's health hangs a bit heavy. I really think we experience times like that to strengthen our faith in God and to realize again that he is in control and he surrounds us with his protection and love. We do believe Gail is being healed and we again ask you to believe with us. May God's goodness and glory shine through Gail in all of this.
We hope to get some tests done next week. We are hoping and we expect to hear good news. Pray that the results are encouraging.

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