Friday, January 28, 2011


Here is one reason it is fun to be in Naples.  Each Wednesday night this one place has lobster special. ($15.95) This is the first steamed whole lobster I have ever eaten.  It was delicious and as you can see eaten to the last morsel.  The dark cold beer sitting on the side certainly helped the entire evening.
I am now over half way to St. Paul.  Am sitting in room 314 at the Hampton Inn in Horse Cave KY.  I think it will be kind of an early to bed, get up for their breakfast and arrive in South Bend tomorrow maybe by 3 or so.  Today I traveled through some places I had not been in the past.  Drove through Nashville TN and happened to do it during rust hour so was not a lot of fun but not too bad either.
It is noticeably cooler here then 2 days ago in Naples.  I forgot to bring a jacket in so will be cold in the morning before I get to the car.  I am sure as I arrive in South Bend the temp will again be down from where it is here.  I tend to forget it is still winter!!
Not much more to say.  Driving, thinking, stretching, driving, thinking etc etc get a bit old!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's almost over

As I sit here with my french press coffee I can not help but think that tomorrow, after a 10:30 tennis lesson, I will settle in the car and head back to the frozen tundra.  Of course on the way there will be John, Mary, Henry, Liam, Audrey, Aaron, Amy, Leo and Ruby Gail but then next Tuesday will come and reality will set in--cold--cold--snow and what else??  I am certainly looking forward to seeing family again and can hardly wait to see Travis, Cynthia, Mike, Faustina and Jude in St. Paul too but as one looks at the picture the cold north seems too extreme!!
As I sat in the sun by the pool yesterday I had to think that this month of January has maybe been the first time I have felt relaxed in many years.  I then went to Wal mart to check my blood pressure and wow it was better than it had been in a long time.  I guess the wear, tear, stress and everything else in life does affect health too.  I sat in the sun for almost an hour and felt God was giving me a massage even though I have never had a real one!!!  Well things will change soon.
Need to see if I can  find some Naples keepsakes for the kids today before heading out tomorrow.  Not sure I am looking forward to 1900 miles behind the wheel but actually coming down it was not too bad.  It may even be good practice to do all of those mind games that one can do to pass the time.
I have some work to do for grandma's bd party so will be busy with some of that when I arrive home. 
My heart is heavy today for the Tigan family.  David's services are today and tomorrow.  As I read his obit in the paper I was surprised that he was only 62.  I have many memories of him and his family.  I know God's love and grace will abound with Barb and family but oh my it is so terribly difficult, lonely and it leaves a person with a very heavy heart.
Brother Dave is having surgery tomorrow and we are expecting God to heal him quickly.  Lord come with your healing angels and pour your spirit into his every cell to make him well quickly.
Time for a bite.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burrrrrrrr!!! I know it is wimpy!

Woke up to a temp this morning of 45 and it feels like it is really cold!  I also stuggled to get out of bed at first as this middle age body wanted to tell me that my first ever tennis match yesterday was hard on some of those muscles that never get used.  Well OK I admit the muscle word may be a bit strong in describing my body but it is what it is.  I think the last time I picked up a tennis racket was maybe in the 70's when Dave/Marlys came to visit and Dave played a bit of tennis.  Well here I am about 40 years later and it seems that this body knows the score better than my mind.  However my mind is getting the idea fairly quickly.  Yesterday was fun.  Got a call in the morning and I think the guy thought he was calling a lady as when I arrived the foursome included 3 men and a gal but that is fine and the match was fun.  All three of the others were at a skill level higher than mine but I did ( a few times) hold my own and I managed to not make my partner too upset.  Actually they were very gracious and put up with me the entire time.  BUT I am kind of paying for it this morning.  Not sure I could get my leg over the seat of my bike but then who wants to ride in 45 degree temps??
I am beginning to plan my trip back.  Will leave this warm (?) sunny place next Thursday and arrive in South Bend Saturday, get into Madison Monday and then arrive home on Tuesday.  I will get to see Ruby Gail for a short time on her 1st birthday before I head towards the west on that Tuesday. 
I do have some things to do at home before I and the kids head up to Fargo for Grandma Saunder's 90 birthday bash on February 5 & 6.  Of course I am keeping up with how Jeanette K is doing and if the Lord decides to take her home in the next week I will change my plans.  She has been amazing these last 3 weeks and I know her family is so so greatful for this special time with her.
I am going to have to be sure and get some more sun before I leave as I do not want to arrive home and have people ask me why no sun tan.  I have not seen the sun here in a couple of days but maybe today.
Need to get some things done.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A certain change from Minnesota!!

The pictures are from today.  Drove to the beach to watch the sun set.  It was wonderful.  The beach picture are people who come to the beach, bring drink and eat and just sit to watch the sun go down.  As it disappeared in the horizon people clapped!  The houses are right on the beach and I can not imagine what a person would need to buy something like that.  For the family and friends in or around MN I thought you may get some winter relief by looking at the pictures.  I guess one can enjoy them or get upset with them!!!!
Not a lot to say.  I am certainly enjoying warm weather activities, enjoying the sun, enjoying the warmth, feeling great when I dig my toes into the warm sand on the beach and the list could go on and on.  Woke up to a temp of 70 this morning and by mid afternoon it was only 75 but a bit humid.  I saw among the fancy cars down here a deep blue Bentley converible and wished I had one but instead decided to name my fancy bike that Aaron built Bentley and will settle for that.  So tomorrow when I finish my tennis lesson and get on the bike in the afternoon I will say to myself "OK Bentley lets go for a nice warm ride!"
I almost shiver when I look at the MN weather but then I say to myself it will not be long and I will be in it again.
Enough for tonight.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exercise, sun, beaches and more

I continue to enjoy warm weather, sun shine, beaches, and much more.  Not a lot to say other than to say that I have never experienced this kind of weather in January except when Gail and I spent much of Janurary in Hawaii.  I have experienced mostly sunny skies with day time temps in the low to mid 70's.  I have enjoyed walks, tennis, biking and much more.  The other night I almost inhaled some lobster tacos and then for lunch yesterday had a crab spread on crachers that was almost to die for.  Well it may not have been that good but it sure was something one could not get in MN and it tasted really good.
Will close for today but will leave with the thought that warm weather in January is pretty nice!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another first

Spent most of yesterday in Fort Lauderdale on the east coast.  Drove on alligator ally over there and then enjoyed the ocean and beach. No biking yesterday but did get in a nice walk. 
The weather continues to be nice here.  Woke up to 62 this morning and as I was on a walk a lady looked and said you sure are brave to have shorts on!!  I thought it was warm.  I think the temp will end up being about 72 or so by mid afternoon.  Hard to complain with that.
I am keeping in touch with the Krauses and how Jeanette is doing.  I plan to fly back if the Lord decides to take her home soon.  At this time the fares are in the $140 range which is doable.  There was a note this morning on her Caring Bridge and it sounds like she is still up and around a bit and doing somethings for herself which is good. 
Not much more to say for now.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I did it.  Went out and found some spandex.  Not the $130 ones but the $35 ones.  They actually felt great and I think they made me faster!!!!!!! I will not share a picture that could show any bumps or lumps of unwanted fat that do dwell on my slow body!!!

A fun day

It ended up being a fun day.  Drove over to Jim and Judy Clasen who are in Fort Myers for January.  Went on a 18 mile bike ride, sat in the pool and hot tub and then out to dinner. I think that beats the cold and icy weather one would have in MN.
The weather continues to be low to mid 70's here with mostly sunny skies.  It has been great for bike riding.  I really really like the bike Aaron made for me.  Each time I ride it I learn to appreciate it and like it better.  On the ride today it was windy and over several bridges.  On the way out the ride was hard but on the way back it was wind at the back and as we approached one high long bridge I decided I just had to open up a bit.  It was so fun to ride (fast for me) 26/27 mph over the bridge.  Never would have been able to do that on my other bike.  It certainly shows thata slow body needs a fast bike!!
Will head over to the east coast tomorrow and most likely only for the day but should be fun.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I finally did it

I finally got my first bike ride in.  I think those legs are a bit out of shape but the 18 miles were fun.  I even had to shed my light jacket after 9 miles as it was too warm!! It was really not to difficult to wake up to 62 degrees this morning.
I am in a bit of culture shock.  The culture, the cars, the money, the weather and pretty much everything is very different than I have ever seen.  It seems like most of the cars one sees are high end Lexus or BMW or Mercedes or some other expensive car.  The weather has been so so nice and the food has been fun.  I had a lobster salad for lunch today that was very good.
I hope all is well in MN and the cold is not too cold!!  This warm weather could be habit forming!
I am so excited for the Krauses and the time they are having with Jeanette.  Come Lord to heal her.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warm weather??????

I am not sure I like warm weather!!  Yesterday I asked myself if I needed to wear a coat as I left Memphis and decided I did not.  137 miles later I decided it was time to stop and put in gas.  Well my wallet was in my red coat which was still in Memphis!!!  So it was turn around and drive back and then turn around and leave again. 
I ended up in Birmingham for the night at 9:00 PM having driven about 500 miles but really only about 240. 
I guess one can be upset or say it is what it is and it is nice to see country that one has never seen before. 
I am keeping up with how Jeanette K is doing and have not decided what I will do but my prayers are with her, John and the whole family.  Brings back many many thoughts of 2009.
No I best get going here as I plan to take my wallet and get to FL today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On that road again

I have now driven about 1200 miles and have not seen snow for some time!!!  Stayed with sister Helen and her husband Mike for a couple of days and that was fun.  Helen of course is a bit crazy but in a good way.  She also makes a mean potato salad but I didn't eat much of it.  Well actually I ate most of it!
Stayed in Memphis last night.  Have never never been in this part of the country so it has been kind of fun.  I did get a call from the Krauses and also read the Caring Bridge entry so I do not know what I will do.  I know the Lord is with them, the family as well as Jeanne and John.  It is such a difficult time and the only thing that carries one through is the Lord.
No the hotel has a breakfast so will enjoy that before I hit the road again.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

You can not go wrong starting the new year with these two little gals!!!  Faustina, on the left, is 2 yr 7 months and Audrey is 2 yr 2 months.  I would say they are the cutest!
As we start the new year here the temp is +2 and there are snow flurries in the air.  I think winter temps and conditions have come back to say you live in the north and expect it to be cold and snowy. 
I practiced being a bit lazy this morning as I woke up, said good morning to Wallace, had a cup of french press coffee and went back to bed for a time.  I am planning to hit the road to warmer places tomorrow so thought I could use the extra sleep as I will be driving for about 10 1/2 hr tomorrow.  I must get to Helen/Mike's before it is dark and they live in Holiday Island AR.  Helen has promised me potato salad so that is exciting.  I am mostly packed but need to do some things around here before tomorrow morning.  I am bringing Wallace to Cynthia/Mike's and actually have begun to be a bit lonesome.  I usually sit in the kitchen at the computer and he likes to stick his head through the doorway and put it under my right arm.  He is so good as he does not have the run of the house so he stays in the back entry way.  It would be so much fun to take him with me but he is big (80 pd) and he just does not fit into the car.  I would have to drive the truck if I took him and that is just toooooo much gas!
No, I had best get the dishes washed, put a load of clothes in and get the house in better order.  The work is never ending when there is nobody here to help pick up!!! 
As I travel south and enjoy the warm weather I will blog some but not every day.