Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warm weather??????

I am not sure I like warm weather!!  Yesterday I asked myself if I needed to wear a coat as I left Memphis and decided I did not.  137 miles later I decided it was time to stop and put in gas.  Well my wallet was in my red coat which was still in Memphis!!!  So it was turn around and drive back and then turn around and leave again. 
I ended up in Birmingham for the night at 9:00 PM having driven about 500 miles but really only about 240. 
I guess one can be upset or say it is what it is and it is nice to see country that one has never seen before. 
I am keeping up with how Jeanette K is doing and have not decided what I will do but my prayers are with her, John and the whole family.  Brings back many many thoughts of 2009.
No I best get going here as I plan to take my wallet and get to FL today.

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Anonymous said...

Please do keep track of that wallet!! As I'm sure you know, you're lucky it was still where you left it! I hope the rest of your trip you remember where it is. I always keep my purse close. After being robbed at gun point at one point in my life, it doesn't leave my side even while shopping I don't leave it in my cart. I'm paranoid. Keep it with you with a spare car key in case you lock yourself out! Good advice coming from your "crazy" sister!:) Love U, Helen