Friday, January 28, 2011


Here is one reason it is fun to be in Naples.  Each Wednesday night this one place has lobster special. ($15.95) This is the first steamed whole lobster I have ever eaten.  It was delicious and as you can see eaten to the last morsel.  The dark cold beer sitting on the side certainly helped the entire evening.
I am now over half way to St. Paul.  Am sitting in room 314 at the Hampton Inn in Horse Cave KY.  I think it will be kind of an early to bed, get up for their breakfast and arrive in South Bend tomorrow maybe by 3 or so.  Today I traveled through some places I had not been in the past.  Drove through Nashville TN and happened to do it during rust hour so was not a lot of fun but not too bad either.
It is noticeably cooler here then 2 days ago in Naples.  I forgot to bring a jacket in so will be cold in the morning before I get to the car.  I am sure as I arrive in South Bend the temp will again be down from where it is here.  I tend to forget it is still winter!!
Not much more to say.  Driving, thinking, stretching, driving, thinking etc etc get a bit old!

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