Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I spent the weekend with John/Mary and family.  Monday morning at 4:15 I got on the road with the idea that I could get to Madison early and in the process I could drive through Chicago before the AM rush hour traffic hit.  All went well and I arrived at Aaron/Amy place about 8:30 AM.  After unloading my things in their basement I called Aaron to tell him I was there.  He asked me if I had looked at the weather and I said no.  Well after looking at the forcast of perhaps 20 inches of snow in Madison Monday-Wednesday I loaded my things in the car and headed home by 9:00 AM.  Roads were OK but not great and I finally arrived in St. Paul about 2:15 tired of holding on to the steering wheel tightly and maybe also tired after driving 5000 miles in the last 4 weeks.  I knew I was coming back to winter but the snow kind of surprised me.  The 4-6 foot banks at each corner seemed to stare and and smile at me at each intersection.  My car was fine but it did complain a bit when I started it in -2 temps this morning.  AND the wonderful pillow I purchased for my back while I drive failed to tell me that if I left it in the car in cold weather it would turn to being stone hard!!!!   So much for it's usefulness.
Here I am with blood a bit thinned out, pants without legs, short sleeve shirts once again hung in the closet and hands that let me know you can not answer your smart phone with gloves on.  Well I guess it is what it is and life is all about changes and adjustments.
I am now doing some work for grandma's 90th birthday bash this weekend.  It will be fun to have much of family together but we will miss John/Mary and family.
No, I need to get something warm on my feet.

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