Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fun visit

The picture is from grandma's birthday party.  From left to right are Dale, Deb, Deb, Allen, Carmen, Mary and Mark.  Allen is the oldest, Deb is next and Mark is the youngest.
We had a fun time today.  Amy's parents, Jeanne and Dick, are in Florida for this month.  They are just a very short distance from Terry's place so we invited them to come for a visit today.  We took the shuttle to the beach and walked for an hour.  When we arrived back we  had lunch at the club.  It was a fun time.  The weather was perfect and the food at the club was great.  One can not complain about temps in the high 70's and sunny skies in February. 
I am excited for this afternoon.  I will pick up my new tennis racket at 4 and then of course I will for sure have a great tennis game.  My inexperience and my age have nothing to do with my skill level, it is all in the racket.  I am planning to take another tennis clinic Thursday as my calf muscle is healing nicely and I should be good to go in two days. 
The bike remains in netural but with my calf getting better maybe the bike is next to get a work out.  I HAVE to get more exercise as my weight is up a few pounds and that just can not be so more exercise, less food are in order. 
Enough for now.  I do hope that friends and family in MN, ND etc are enjoying the winter wonder land.
Sister Joan sent a picture of someone sitting in a frozen outhouse.  I wonder if that came from our growing up on the farm!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your in the right place, I guess St. Paul had 12 inches of snow yesterday. Yeah the picture reminded me of the farm, and the soft peach papers as toilet tissue. Oh well you got your business done in a hurry, no reading the local news out there. I'm back to work again, feels good. Laser is the way to go. Love Joan