Sunday, February 20, 2011

Better late than never

Here is Grandma Saunders with most of her great grand children.  This was taken on her birthday weekend, February 5/6. 
There were some missing but many are in the picture.
I have been lazy in writing on the blog.  I did return to Naples FL last Monday.  I arrived to weather that is certainly much much different than St. Paul.  Today it was pleasant sitting by the pool in the sun as the temp was right around 80.  I guess one can not want better weather than that in February.
I have spent my time playing tennis, walking the beach and in general enjoying things.  I am staying with a friend, Terry, who was a high school classmate.  We have reconnected after many many years.  She has a home in Naples.  At this time my timetable is open as to when I might return to MN.  The longer one stays in this nice weather the harder it is to think about returning to winter in MN.  I have found that it is easy to relax, enjoy and just be here.  Now that I have decided to step out of Servant Camp things seem less hurried, less stressful and more relaxed.  For sure I will miss the excitement of camp, of the staff and most of all the campers but the other side of life outside of camp is also exciting and alluring. 
I did slightly injure myself as I was warming up to play tennis last Friday.  I hurt a calf muscle, didn't even know I had a muscle there!!  It acted like a bad cramp but it just did not go away so I have been limping around a bit the last couple of days.  I am hopeful that I can be on the court and on the bike in short order but will see.  I guess the bottom line is this body really is not what it used to be!!!!
No maybe it is time to catch some sun again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you're making me envious of the warm weather. We have gotten warmer temps and the snow is gone and I'm out golfing again so I'm happy. Took you a hellava lot longer to realize that a warmer winter wasn't such a bad idea versus all that snow than it did me! Have a good time, just try to do moderate activities conducive to your age! Helen

Dale said...

I'm dreaming about that kind of winter. Dale