Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Many of Grandma Saunder's family were able to make the trip to Fargo ND last weekend to help her celebrate her 90th birthday.  It was a fun weekend.  Here is the picture of her grandchildren.  Four of them were not able to come and two of them have passed away.  It is quite the group.  It looks like the men are greatly outnumbered by the gals but the four who could not come are men so the number is almost equal.
It was a fun time as it is always great to see family and spend time together.  In my family John/Mary were not able to travel what would have been a round trip of 1500 miles but everyone else came.  I enjoyed Aaron/Amy and kids here Friday afternoon and again on Sunday evening.  Sunday evening Cynthia/Mike and family along with Travis came over to cheer the Packers on to Super Bowl victory.
We are experiencing very very winter weather with a -9 temp this morning and about the same expected tomorrow morning.  I guess winter really is not ready to say good-bye.
Not much new on my end.  I am having a bit of remorse with this cold weather as I did enjoy the warm Naples FL weather.  I am a bit envious as I see they are having 70's and 80's there which if my math is correct is about 60-70 degrees higher than we had yesterday and today!!!
Enough of that as it is almost depressing.
Will get some paper work finished before I get to sleep.

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