Thursday, February 24, 2011

The sun is going down

Here is a sequence of pictures I took of the sunset a few days ago.  The sunsets on the gulf are really beautiful and inspiring when one can see the sun disappearing into the water.
I did a tennis clinic today and my calf muscle held up fairly well.  It is about 80% and I say that because it makes me sound as if I know what I am talking about.  Just like the big boys who are pro!!!!
Terry and I had a fun evening.  We met friends of Terry's for dinner.  They are from Connecticut and I would say they are close to 80 or maybe even older.  They are down here for about 3 months each year.  They stay very active and are fun to be with.  
I actually did some work today.  I fixed some holes in walls that needed repair and then spent a couple of hours cleaning out the back rain gutters.  I needed to invent something that I could reach about 15 feet so taped two long pieces of wood together and then taped a small garden tool on the end to clean out the junk.  I got all the debris out and they should be good to go for some time.
Other than that the only news is the weather is warm, sunny and fun.  I think I am beginning to get a real sun tan.  It is not great but enough to make people in St. Paul jealous!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! What a peaceful sight.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealious, it's snowing here and had 60 mile an winds the other day, it took out a whole section of our fence. I know the nice weather is coming, can't wait. Joan