Sunday, August 30, 2009

State Fair

Travis and I are now 30% done with the fair!!!! Travis just realized yesterday that we not only work 12 hr days but 7 days a week which means 84 hr in a week. Yesterday when we arrived at 6 PM the lot was more than full which means there were about 540 cars parked. Of course we did not need to park any as 95% of the activity is leaving once we get there. We have been watching Night Rider! and marking time.

As I write Gail is sleeping. She is doing better with her breathing. We found out that the top half of her left lung is clear(that is very good) now but are waiting to hear the lab results for the bottom half. We do know that there is some fluid but do not know if there is anything else involved. She is taking pain pills about each 3 hr and is moving slowly. Come Lord and heal her. Dr. Bernarda Zenker is now her dr. and for that we are so so so thankful. The support in covenant Christian community is unbelievable and we are so thankful. We are hopeful of getting the lab results tomorrow concerning the fluid and lower half of the lung.

Have a great week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Gail's chest x-ray Wednesday night showed that her left lung has much fluid and that is what is causing her shortness of breath. She will have a Plural Tap Friday at 2:00 and Dr. Zenker said that should give her immediate relief. The fluid will be analyzed but at this time they do not know WHY. Pray for a successful procedure and pray that it is not cancer. We are relieved to find out why the difficulty breathing. Thank you Lord for our modern ways of finding and treating illnesses.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma's Angels

Those little girls, Audrey and Faustina, you just can not get enough of them. Audrey looks at you as if NEVER would she do anything wrong and Faustina gives you that little smirk as if to say you would will never CATCH her doing anything wrong!!!

Finally, Gail got some sleep last night. We met with Dr yesterday and talked about pain, insomnia and other topics. It was very good and helpful. The Dr was very surprised to see Gail with such great color but she did mention that Gail could use a bit more weight on her body! We are hopeful that the next few days will see Gail get rest and get rid of much of the pain as pain saps her body of much needed energy.

Got to go but have a wonderful week!

By the way my blogging may be different in the next 2 weeks as Travis and I will begin working the state fair Wed night and for 13 nights will work 6 PM-6 AM----I can hardly wait!!**~~~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here they are 2 years later as Henry turned 6. think anyone has changed??

As I write this Gail is struggling with lack of sleep. We plan to meet with a Dr. tomorrow or Tuesday to see what she can take to rest her body. Thanks for your faith in God's healing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy birthday Henry

Here is Henry 2 years ago. We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow so I will post a 6 year old picture later and you can see the difference.

The rain has stopped and the afternoon was very nice. Cool is the word today but the weekend is looking perfect.

Gail has had a difficult day. Her pulse is around 100/105 and life just is not easy. We are hoping and praying she will feel well enough to enjoy the party tomorrow. Lord please come with your healing spirit and make Gail well again.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's here!!!!!!

Jude Michael Adkins arrived on Tuesday, August 18 about 9:15 AM. Mother and son are doing well. The birth went very very well but in the end the placenta would not come so Cynthia needed to go into surgery. It went well and by mid afternoon Cynthia was doing fine. She did need some units of blood so she will rest in the hospital until Thursday and then everyone will arrive home. I do not know how long Jude is but he weighted in at 7 lb 6 oz. Following his older sister Faustina he arrived early, he bested his sister by 3 days and arrived 13 days early. Grandma was there for everything and was so thankful she could be of some help. Mike did mention this morning that he and Cynthia needed some sleep last night and Jude insisted on practicing his tenor so the nurses took him to the nursery for a while. So #6 has arrived and of course #7 will arrive in Madison in January, thank you Lord for your many blessings. I think we are getting quit a few potential new campers for the years ahead!!!

As I write this we are getting a million dollar rain and Wallace is body slamming the back door to get in but he will have to be happy in the garage until he dries off.

Another rain

We had another 1/2 in of rain last night which was great. Things are getting green again and it smells great outside.

I worked on the camp billing the last 2 days and am about finished. It turned out great and for that I am so thank full to God.

Gail and I have colds. For me it is a small matter but for Gail it takes her body down even more. She has some congestion in her chest and a dry cough. I think she actually slept some last night so that is good. We would like God to hurry and heal her but of course as usual God's plans and his timing are different from ours!! Thank you for your continued faith and prayers.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was GREAT

Camp has come and gone! It was good. God was so present in many many ways. The weather was almost perfect and our staff was the best we have ever had. It really seems like a dream that it is all in the past. The work, the planning, the focus for so long seems like it goes on and on and on but for sure everything that is done is worth the effort. We ended up with 200 campers and 70 staff which was a bit better than I had hoped for. We are already thinking and looking forward to next year when camp will be August 8-13.

Gail did not make it out to camp. Travis, Cynthia and John/family stopped by often and she was in good care. For me it was a difficult time without Gail but I do believe that she will join me once again in 2010. Gail had a difficult week. She had a PT treatment the Thursday before camp so her body was dealing with that last week. I think it would have helped if I could have been home to rub her back etc but she did well and is such a trooper that it is hard to believe. We are looking forward to when she begins to feel better and starts to heal more rapidly. She continues to hold her weight and even has put a few pounds on. Her hip still bothers her but she does walk without a cane at times. Her color is very good. So we continue to do healthy things, pray hard and believe that she will some day in the future be well and healthy again.

Have a great week. By the way, Henry turns 6 August 21 and they will celebrate his birthday the 22. He has lost his first tooth.

Friday, August 7, 2009

It'l be a while I think

I will be leaving for camp tomorrow about 11:30 and will not return until Friday afternoon. I do not know if I will have access to the Internet but even if I do I most likely will not have time to write so pray for camp, pray for safety, pray for good weather and most of all that the minds and heart of everyone there will b open to the goodness and the power of our all loving God.

Gail had a treatment yesterday and it seems that her body did not react to it as in the past which is a good thing. For now her energy level is low but she feels pretty good and her color is actually the best it has been in a long long time. Of course I am concerned during the week that I am gone but Cynthia and Travis and also John/Mary have said they will come over so I am sure things will go fine. Take care and have a great week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Have to write today

I would be remiss if I did not write today. Six months ago, February 4, I asked the Dr what would happen if we choose to not do any medical treatment. She said, "In 4-6 months Gail will have a sternum that is big, ugly, red and she will have serious health problems". As of today it is 6 months and 1. her sternum is the same or smaller, 2 it is not red and she does have health problems but I would say in no way are they like the Dr thought. We thank you and we praise the Lord.

Camp is now 5 days away and the anticipation of what God will do is GREAT!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The reason for the season!!!!

About 40 family members from Amy's and Micah's family enjoyed tacos, homemade ice cream, perfect weather and fellowship yesterday afternoon. Amy and Micah's wedding is planned for September 26 of this year and they seem like a great match.

Gail did wonderful yesterday. We were at the party from noon to 4:00 and she felt good. Of course she was tired in the evening but I was too!!!! She had very little back pain which was good. I am not sure how well she slept last night. I did get up at 1:30 and she was ironing some clothes, not sure that was a good thing to do but of course it meant she could not sleep for some reason.

Well, I have 2 guys coming shortly to help with camp so best be going. Have a great week

Saturday, August 1, 2009

They are growing

Happy August 1. The tomatoes are looking very good but as of yet I see no hint of red. Maybe soon. We received more than 1/2 in of rain last night so that should help.

I have begun to print out the 10 day weather forecast each day as camp now starts in 8 days. so far the weather looks good but we all know that to forecast it 8 days out is difficult so who knows. Our numbers for campers have climbed above 200 and that was my goal so that is good.

As I write this Gail is resting upstairs. She has promised to bring homemade ice cream to the shower tomorrow. Normally she would work for about 1 1/2 hours to make it while now she needs to work in shifts . She has worked on it 2 different times and she has a ways to go. At this time her energy lasts about 10-15 minutes and then she must rest. She is feeling fairly good except for her stomach. She usually can eat anything any time but her stomach has been upset for the last few days. We think that with wheat grass juice, garlic etc she has to be very careful of when she takes it and with what. She has not taken the garlic for a couple of days as that has not sat well with her. We will see how it goes this afternoon or tomorrow. At this time I would say there is a 50/50 chance she will be strong enough to go to the shower but we are hoping she can.
Have a great day. Has anyone cashed in on the clunker program?? If not perhaps you need to hurry as it seems our government has lots of money!!!