Monday, August 3, 2009

The reason for the season!!!!

About 40 family members from Amy's and Micah's family enjoyed tacos, homemade ice cream, perfect weather and fellowship yesterday afternoon. Amy and Micah's wedding is planned for September 26 of this year and they seem like a great match.

Gail did wonderful yesterday. We were at the party from noon to 4:00 and she felt good. Of course she was tired in the evening but I was too!!!! She had very little back pain which was good. I am not sure how well she slept last night. I did get up at 1:30 and she was ironing some clothes, not sure that was a good thing to do but of course it meant she could not sleep for some reason.

Well, I have 2 guys coming shortly to help with camp so best be going. Have a great week

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