Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma's Angels

Those little girls, Audrey and Faustina, you just can not get enough of them. Audrey looks at you as if NEVER would she do anything wrong and Faustina gives you that little smirk as if to say you would will never CATCH her doing anything wrong!!!

Finally, Gail got some sleep last night. We met with Dr yesterday and talked about pain, insomnia and other topics. It was very good and helpful. The Dr was very surprised to see Gail with such great color but she did mention that Gail could use a bit more weight on her body! We are hopeful that the next few days will see Gail get rest and get rid of much of the pain as pain saps her body of much needed energy.

Got to go but have a wonderful week!

By the way my blogging may be different in the next 2 weeks as Travis and I will begin working the state fair Wed night and for 13 nights will work 6 PM-6 AM----I can hardly wait!!**~~~

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