Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another rain

We had another 1/2 in of rain last night which was great. Things are getting green again and it smells great outside.

I worked on the camp billing the last 2 days and am about finished. It turned out great and for that I am so thank full to God.

Gail and I have colds. For me it is a small matter but for Gail it takes her body down even more. She has some congestion in her chest and a dry cough. I think she actually slept some last night so that is good. We would like God to hurry and heal her but of course as usual God's plans and his timing are different from ours!! Thank you for your continued faith and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gail,
Still praying faithfully for you. I am so happy you could be with Cynthia and experience the joy of a new baby with her. Keep up the good work of healing. You are a strong woman and a witness to all. Love Lisa Loughran