Friday, August 7, 2009

It'l be a while I think

I will be leaving for camp tomorrow about 11:30 and will not return until Friday afternoon. I do not know if I will have access to the Internet but even if I do I most likely will not have time to write so pray for camp, pray for safety, pray for good weather and most of all that the minds and heart of everyone there will b open to the goodness and the power of our all loving God.

Gail had a treatment yesterday and it seems that her body did not react to it as in the past which is a good thing. For now her energy level is low but she feels pretty good and her color is actually the best it has been in a long long time. Of course I am concerned during the week that I am gone but Cynthia and Travis and also John/Mary have said they will come over so I am sure things will go fine. Take care and have a great week.

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Dave said...

Will miss the frequent writings, will pray for camp and all there. Prayers for Gail also.