Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was GREAT

Camp has come and gone! It was good. God was so present in many many ways. The weather was almost perfect and our staff was the best we have ever had. It really seems like a dream that it is all in the past. The work, the planning, the focus for so long seems like it goes on and on and on but for sure everything that is done is worth the effort. We ended up with 200 campers and 70 staff which was a bit better than I had hoped for. We are already thinking and looking forward to next year when camp will be August 8-13.

Gail did not make it out to camp. Travis, Cynthia and John/family stopped by often and she was in good care. For me it was a difficult time without Gail but I do believe that she will join me once again in 2010. Gail had a difficult week. She had a PT treatment the Thursday before camp so her body was dealing with that last week. I think it would have helped if I could have been home to rub her back etc but she did well and is such a trooper that it is hard to believe. We are looking forward to when she begins to feel better and starts to heal more rapidly. She continues to hold her weight and even has put a few pounds on. Her hip still bothers her but she does walk without a cane at times. Her color is very good. So we continue to do healthy things, pray hard and believe that she will some day in the future be well and healthy again.

Have a great week. By the way, Henry turns 6 August 21 and they will celebrate his birthday the 22. He has lost his first tooth.

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