Sunday, August 30, 2009

State Fair

Travis and I are now 30% done with the fair!!!! Travis just realized yesterday that we not only work 12 hr days but 7 days a week which means 84 hr in a week. Yesterday when we arrived at 6 PM the lot was more than full which means there were about 540 cars parked. Of course we did not need to park any as 95% of the activity is leaving once we get there. We have been watching Night Rider! and marking time.

As I write Gail is sleeping. She is doing better with her breathing. We found out that the top half of her left lung is clear(that is very good) now but are waiting to hear the lab results for the bottom half. We do know that there is some fluid but do not know if there is anything else involved. She is taking pain pills about each 3 hr and is moving slowly. Come Lord and heal her. Dr. Bernarda Zenker is now her dr. and for that we are so so so thankful. The support in covenant Christian community is unbelievable and we are so thankful. We are hopeful of getting the lab results tomorrow concerning the fluid and lower half of the lung.

Have a great week.

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