Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's here!!!!!!

Jude Michael Adkins arrived on Tuesday, August 18 about 9:15 AM. Mother and son are doing well. The birth went very very well but in the end the placenta would not come so Cynthia needed to go into surgery. It went well and by mid afternoon Cynthia was doing fine. She did need some units of blood so she will rest in the hospital until Thursday and then everyone will arrive home. I do not know how long Jude is but he weighted in at 7 lb 6 oz. Following his older sister Faustina he arrived early, he bested his sister by 3 days and arrived 13 days early. Grandma was there for everything and was so thankful she could be of some help. Mike did mention this morning that he and Cynthia needed some sleep last night and Jude insisted on practicing his tenor so the nurses took him to the nursery for a while. So #6 has arrived and of course #7 will arrive in Madison in January, thank you Lord for your many blessings. I think we are getting quit a few potential new campers for the years ahead!!!

As I write this we are getting a million dollar rain and Wallace is body slamming the back door to get in but he will have to be happy in the garage until he dries off.

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