Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's almost over

As I sit here with my french press coffee I can not help but think that tomorrow, after a 10:30 tennis lesson, I will settle in the car and head back to the frozen tundra.  Of course on the way there will be John, Mary, Henry, Liam, Audrey, Aaron, Amy, Leo and Ruby Gail but then next Tuesday will come and reality will set in--cold--cold--snow and what else??  I am certainly looking forward to seeing family again and can hardly wait to see Travis, Cynthia, Mike, Faustina and Jude in St. Paul too but as one looks at the picture the cold north seems too extreme!!
As I sat in the sun by the pool yesterday I had to think that this month of January has maybe been the first time I have felt relaxed in many years.  I then went to Wal mart to check my blood pressure and wow it was better than it had been in a long time.  I guess the wear, tear, stress and everything else in life does affect health too.  I sat in the sun for almost an hour and felt God was giving me a massage even though I have never had a real one!!!  Well things will change soon.
Need to see if I can  find some Naples keepsakes for the kids today before heading out tomorrow.  Not sure I am looking forward to 1900 miles behind the wheel but actually coming down it was not too bad.  It may even be good practice to do all of those mind games that one can do to pass the time.
I have some work to do for grandma's bd party so will be busy with some of that when I arrive home. 
My heart is heavy today for the Tigan family.  David's services are today and tomorrow.  As I read his obit in the paper I was surprised that he was only 62.  I have many memories of him and his family.  I know God's love and grace will abound with Barb and family but oh my it is so terribly difficult, lonely and it leaves a person with a very heavy heart.
Brother Dave is having surgery tomorrow and we are expecting God to heal him quickly.  Lord come with your healing angels and pour your spirit into his every cell to make him well quickly.
Time for a bite.

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