Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burrrrrrrr!!! I know it is wimpy!

Woke up to a temp this morning of 45 and it feels like it is really cold!  I also stuggled to get out of bed at first as this middle age body wanted to tell me that my first ever tennis match yesterday was hard on some of those muscles that never get used.  Well OK I admit the muscle word may be a bit strong in describing my body but it is what it is.  I think the last time I picked up a tennis racket was maybe in the 70's when Dave/Marlys came to visit and Dave played a bit of tennis.  Well here I am about 40 years later and it seems that this body knows the score better than my mind.  However my mind is getting the idea fairly quickly.  Yesterday was fun.  Got a call in the morning and I think the guy thought he was calling a lady as when I arrived the foursome included 3 men and a gal but that is fine and the match was fun.  All three of the others were at a skill level higher than mine but I did ( a few times) hold my own and I managed to not make my partner too upset.  Actually they were very gracious and put up with me the entire time.  BUT I am kind of paying for it this morning.  Not sure I could get my leg over the seat of my bike but then who wants to ride in 45 degree temps??
I am beginning to plan my trip back.  Will leave this warm (?) sunny place next Thursday and arrive in South Bend Saturday, get into Madison Monday and then arrive home on Tuesday.  I will get to see Ruby Gail for a short time on her 1st birthday before I head towards the west on that Tuesday. 
I do have some things to do at home before I and the kids head up to Fargo for Grandma Saunder's 90 birthday bash on February 5 & 6.  Of course I am keeping up with how Jeanette K is doing and if the Lord decides to take her home in the next week I will change my plans.  She has been amazing these last 3 weeks and I know her family is so so greatful for this special time with her.
I am going to have to be sure and get some more sun before I leave as I do not want to arrive home and have people ask me why no sun tan.  I have not seen the sun here in a couple of days but maybe today.
Need to get some things done.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sun while you can because it is freezing in the Dakota's and Minnesota. We have had 40's here so I will take that and wait for the warmer days. Need to get out side for some long walks. Love Joan