Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exercise, sun, beaches and more

I continue to enjoy warm weather, sun shine, beaches, and much more.  Not a lot to say other than to say that I have never experienced this kind of weather in January except when Gail and I spent much of Janurary in Hawaii.  I have experienced mostly sunny skies with day time temps in the low to mid 70's.  I have enjoyed walks, tennis, biking and much more.  The other night I almost inhaled some lobster tacos and then for lunch yesterday had a crab spread on crachers that was almost to die for.  Well it may not have been that good but it sure was something one could not get in MN and it tasted really good.
Will close for today but will leave with the thought that warm weather in January is pretty nice!!

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Anonymous said...

You made me hungry with all your talk of good seafood so I made shrimp pasta for dinner tonight! Wasn't as good as lobster tacos but it'll have to do. Would also love the temps as we're still in the 30's and 40's. At least the little bit of snow is gone.