Saturday, January 8, 2011

I finally did it

I finally got my first bike ride in.  I think those legs are a bit out of shape but the 18 miles were fun.  I even had to shed my light jacket after 9 miles as it was too warm!! It was really not to difficult to wake up to 62 degrees this morning.
I am in a bit of culture shock.  The culture, the cars, the money, the weather and pretty much everything is very different than I have ever seen.  It seems like most of the cars one sees are high end Lexus or BMW or Mercedes or some other expensive car.  The weather has been so so nice and the food has been fun.  I had a lobster salad for lunch today that was very good.
I hope all is well in MN and the cold is not too cold!!  This warm weather could be habit forming!
I am so excited for the Krauses and the time they are having with Jeanette.  Come Lord to heal her.

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! The water looks wonderful, I can practically smell the ocean! Bet no one in MN is wearing shorts right now! Glad you're enjoying yourself. Make sure your wallet stays with you! Enjoy some fresh seafood for me. Yes, I am crazy but just remember we are related! Enjoy.