Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A certain change from Minnesota!!

The pictures are from today.  Drove to the beach to watch the sun set.  It was wonderful.  The beach picture are people who come to the beach, bring drink and eat and just sit to watch the sun go down.  As it disappeared in the horizon people clapped!  The houses are right on the beach and I can not imagine what a person would need to buy something like that.  For the family and friends in or around MN I thought you may get some winter relief by looking at the pictures.  I guess one can enjoy them or get upset with them!!!!
Not a lot to say.  I am certainly enjoying warm weather activities, enjoying the sun, enjoying the warmth, feeling great when I dig my toes into the warm sand on the beach and the list could go on and on.  Woke up to a temp of 70 this morning and by mid afternoon it was only 75 but a bit humid.  I saw among the fancy cars down here a deep blue Bentley converible and wished I had one but instead decided to name my fancy bike that Aaron built Bentley and will settle for that.  So tomorrow when I finish my tennis lesson and get on the bike in the afternoon I will say to myself "OK Bentley lets go for a nice warm ride!"
I almost shiver when I look at the MN weather but then I say to myself it will not be long and I will be in it again.
Enough for tonight.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind some of that weather here about now, melt some of the snow.
You look real good for a middle age man. When I see pictures like that, I often wonder, who took YOUR picture? I suppose it was another tourist or maybe a tripod or maybe ...
Dave DVL

Anonymous said...

Warm sand between my toes, that sounds wonderful. We're supposed to get snow tonight which of course shuts down the whole area. Hope it's not much. Glad I'm not in MN! Happy you continue to enjoy your time in the warmer climate. When you get back to MN you'll have the best tan of anyone I'm sure.