Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

You can not go wrong starting the new year with these two little gals!!!  Faustina, on the left, is 2 yr 7 months and Audrey is 2 yr 2 months.  I would say they are the cutest!
As we start the new year here the temp is +2 and there are snow flurries in the air.  I think winter temps and conditions have come back to say you live in the north and expect it to be cold and snowy. 
I practiced being a bit lazy this morning as I woke up, said good morning to Wallace, had a cup of french press coffee and went back to bed for a time.  I am planning to hit the road to warmer places tomorrow so thought I could use the extra sleep as I will be driving for about 10 1/2 hr tomorrow.  I must get to Helen/Mike's before it is dark and they live in Holiday Island AR.  Helen has promised me potato salad so that is exciting.  I am mostly packed but need to do some things around here before tomorrow morning.  I am bringing Wallace to Cynthia/Mike's and actually have begun to be a bit lonesome.  I usually sit in the kitchen at the computer and he likes to stick his head through the doorway and put it under my right arm.  He is so good as he does not have the run of the house so he stays in the back entry way.  It would be so much fun to take him with me but he is big (80 pd) and he just does not fit into the car.  I would have to drive the truck if I took him and that is just toooooo much gas!
No, I had best get the dishes washed, put a load of clothes in and get the house in better order.  The work is never ending when there is nobody here to help pick up!!! 
As I travel south and enjoy the warm weather I will blog some but not every day.

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