Monday, January 10, 2011

A fun day

It ended up being a fun day.  Drove over to Jim and Judy Clasen who are in Fort Myers for January.  Went on a 18 mile bike ride, sat in the pool and hot tub and then out to dinner. I think that beats the cold and icy weather one would have in MN.
The weather continues to be low to mid 70's here with mostly sunny skies.  It has been great for bike riding.  I really really like the bike Aaron made for me.  Each time I ride it I learn to appreciate it and like it better.  On the ride today it was windy and over several bridges.  On the way out the ride was hard but on the way back it was wind at the back and as we approached one high long bridge I decided I just had to open up a bit.  It was so fun to ride (fast for me) 26/27 mph over the bridge.  Never would have been able to do that on my other bike.  It certainly shows thata slow body needs a fast bike!!
Will head over to the east coast tomorrow and most likely only for the day but should be fun.

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