Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tree Monkeys!!

The picture was taken at St. Kate's pond on Thursday. We had a great time for 2 hours on Thursday feeding the ducks, chasing the ducks and climbing trees.
It has been a fun few days. Leo was the perfect boy while he was here, Grdma/Grdpa day on Thursday with 4 all day and 5 for a while was great. Aaron/Amy returned from their vacation and stayed here Thursday night until today. Today we celebrated Faustina's bd as Cynthia/Mike had a great party. I think that at the age of 62 I do not have as many friends as Faustina. Her bd is actually Wed the 20th.
Gail's update. For some reason she came down suddenly with a bad cold so she will have to lay low a bit and take care of herself for a couple of days. Also, she has not felt great the last few days. We hope and pray that it will pass quickly. Continue to pray for healing and also pray that we can stay positive and upbeat ALWAYS.
Today the weather was cool, a high of less than 60 but a warm up is on the way.
Have a great Sunday and give all the glory to God and thank him for being so good to us all.

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