Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fabulous Five!!!

Here they are:Faustina-1, Liam-4, Leo-2, Henry-5+, Audrey-7 months
All of them provide laughs, fun, memories, love, purpose and they always are a bright light in the lives of grdma and grdpa.
We BELIEVE that Gail continues to be healed. We have yet to get that report we are waiting for but we think we know what it will say. Gail enjoyed a 90 minute massage yesterday thanks to niece Sarah who won it and gave it to Gail, many thanks. Gail continues to have discomfort on the upper left side of her chest, pray that it is healing.
We will be celebrating our 41 anniversary June 1. We are looking forward to a special day, a time of memory sharing and a time of planning for the years ahead. We have had some really fun anniversaries in the past and also some unusual ones like the time we went on a day road trip but were so exhausted we stopped in at a small country church and took a nap in the car. We hope we have learned from some of those goofy but memorable times.
We hope you have a great Memorial Weekend and make sure you enjoy the few days of May that we have left.

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