Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Second!!! and who knows

Audrey, our 5Th grandchild and another girl. I am afraid because as all of you know the men must out number the women to even stay on an equal bases!!! Now with another one coming (boy or girl--we know not) in August us men could be in trouble!!
Grandma calls Audrey her little angel and you can see why. Her infectious smile is usually as big as the Grand Canyon. All she needs in the picture is a halo and it would be perfect.
As of yesterday afternoon Gail does feel better. She was up most of the day and again this morning she is dressed and as of this moment she is basking in the sun on the deck. We have talked to a doctor, have made an appointment with a physical therapist for a hip problem and are continuing to deal with her health BUT we believe she will get well and thank you for thinking the same!!!
We hope that where ever you are the weather is like it is here. The temp is about 60, the sun is bright, the wind is calm and the smells of spring flowers and blossoms fill the air. Thank you Lord for your wondrous creations of our earth.

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