Saturday, May 23, 2009


As I write the weather is perfect, sunny, a bit cool and not much breeze. We received a bit of rain last night, not much but enough to perk up the dandelions!!
Wouldn't you guess, after posting an "upbeat" note on Tuesday afternoon Gail has not felt well since. Friday and this morning she has spent most of the time resting. Why or what??--we do not know but of course your prayers are needed and wanted. We opted out of a meeting last night but this evening she will be going with her friend Lizzia to a concert. It was intended to be a dinner and concert but she does not think she would last for both. Times like this certainly test one's faith--but it also helps us grow in many ways too. Lord we pray that you will come in power and mercy and heal Gail. In the days ahead we ask for wisdom, peace and good health.

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