Monday, May 25, 2009

Leo--then and now

We would say Leo has changed a bit!! He is getting to be quite the boy. We do not get to see him often enough but when we do he is so funny, so cute and such an independent young man.

I am going to ramble a bit this morning so here goes.
As I was sitting and praying tonight I was thinking, "Why do I believe Gail will be healed?" I have spent the last several days helping, praying and trying my best to serve Gail as she is going through a difficult time right now. I had just looked at her sternum and the raised area does not look good. So I asked God, why should I believe? He then entered my mind and heart in an interesting way. He slowly took me back to these things
He said, Remember Gail telling you about being run over with the farm truck at the age of 5 and coming out of it with only a broken leg? I was there he said. Remember when you, at the age of 12 was such a severe stutterer that you couldn't talk, I was there. How could you forget that when Gail was in college her back was so so bad that she often had to sleep on the floor, I was there. Oh, and don't forget when Gail was in the hospital for 30 days with the after effects of a burst appendix and she was so so close to death, I was there. For 32 years you have lived in the house that I arranged for you to have when all earthly efforts failed I came through for you. Make sure you remember that in 1974 you were told that there would be no more children in the Lee household because of Gail's sickness and then came Cynthia in 1980 and I informed you before Gail knew--that was such a special time. And for sure you must remember that in 1978 all of your family wrote "checks to heaven" and within a week your house in ND sold, Aaron got a new friend, grandpa Lee's leg was healed and Travis did not get the chicken pox. He said surely you have not forgotten that!!!!
The Lord went on to remind me of more and more things that have been REAL miracles in our lives and so I came to the end of my meditation and thought about Gail in her current health. I said Lord we have not seen Gail's health improve yet, we have not experienced your loving healing in Gail these last 4 months but yet we believe you will heal and we know you are a God of compassion, love and protection. I end by saying that we have experienced many miracles in our lives, many healings and miracles in the lives of friends. We know God is a god of healing and we do believe Gail will be healed.

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