Monday, May 25, 2009

Liam Monday

Liam is our dress up guy. On the right he has on grandpa's old boots. When we went on the boat for mother's Day he came with his super man cape saying it was a party!! As you can see he also likes ice cream and I would say pretty much any treat grandma has on any given day!!!

Yesterday it was fun to see Travis, Cynthia and John/Mary each for a bit. Of course we missed seeing Aaron/Amy but we certainly thought of them. Gail spent a restful day yesterday. She said she felt a bit better in the afternoon but was still very tired. Lord, we ask that you would visit us today with your healing power.
We thought of our nephew Luke as he went through high school graduation yesterday in North Dakota. He graduated from Sargent Central where Gail graduated 45 years ago. Wow, that makes us sound ancient. It is hard to remember back that far. I do not know if that says something about our age, our memory or both.
Have a blessed Memorial Day. We especially remember Dad Saunders and Mother and Dad Lee on this day. Of course we too remember our niece DeeAnn who left us a year ago.
As Gail and I count down to June 1st, our 41 anniversary, I leave you with a picture of us camping in PEI in the fall of 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gail and Carm,
We hope to see you this weekend at Daniel's open house. Luke's graduation was nice but odd because of not having open house that day. We ran up to Cavalier for their open houses on Saturday. Sarah and boys joined us for weekend so that made it special.
I hope Gail is feeling stronger. Always in our prayers. Mary