Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's Mary

Mary joined our family June 28, 2002. You would not believe what she can do. She's a teacher, a handicrafter (not sure that is a real word!), a great mother, she is very very good for John, she has more order in her world than the rest of the Lee's in Minnesota put together and the list is actually endless. I almost forgot, she's pretty too!!!!
Forty-one years ago today Gail graduated from college in Minot ND at 11:00 am and then we jumped in the car and drove 400 miles for our wedding rehearsal. We celebrate our 41 anniversary tomorrow. I am guessing that we will do so by having a couple shots of wheat grass juice, some apple and carrot juice and of course Gail will continue to do her garlic thing. My, my 41 years has a way of changing things.
Yesterday was much of the same for Gail. She still has hip problems so she does not walk much. She is sleeping now butI think she was up much of last night. Her sister Debbie and niece visited for a couple of hours in the evening.
Yesterday our kitchen sink clogged so I spent a few hours fixing that. A metal pipe was completely plugged at an elbow. For you handy people you know how much fun plumping is. I also was able to make a super duper new saw horse and I must say it turned out well. Now I have something to put windows and screens on as I paint them. My not so good saw horses are holding up the 18,000 piece puzzle which lays in the basement begging for attention.
Dan Saunders has his graduation party today. Most likely I will drive down with Cynthia and Faustina for a couple of hours. We will see how Gail feels when she gets up but she probably will stay home.
Have a great Sunday and many thanks for believing as we do and praying as we do for Gail's complete healing.

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