Friday, May 29, 2009

Neither storm or work keep me from my duty

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. In the fall of 07 after we had come back from the 7 week camping trip out east we went on an overnight to a state park with Henry and Liam. Liam was 2 at the time and being potty trained. The picture says it all. You can't see it but he is eating a smore. Of course Gail brought new meaning to the saying we brought everything with us including the kitchen sink!
For some reason Gail was perhaps more tired yesterday than Wednesday. Her hip became much worse. Two years ago she had problems with it and had to have a shot and physical therapy so we are thinking that problem has returned. I did make an apt for her with the same person who worked with her then but the first opening was June 8. They were kind enough to put her on the list if anyone canceled so we are praying someone cancels either today or next week. We ask you to keep believing with us that Gail will be healed but at the same time we ask for patience and wisdom in treating her health.
We did cancel our family camping trip which is disappointing but Aaron/Amy/Leo are coming next weekend so that is GOOD.
We ask a special blessing on Dan Saunders as he nears that special high school graduation day. As of now it looks like Carmen will spend some time at Dan's open house Sunday and Gail will continue to rest.
Today looks like another picture perfect day like yesterday. However with each passing day we get more and more dry. If we do not get rain this weekend May of 09 will go down as the driest May since the early 30's.
Have a super weekend and thanks for your continued prayers

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Anonymous said...

HI Gail and Carmen,
That Liam sure is a cutie. This blog has been a great way for us to see into your beautiful family. Thankyou for all the great updates. I am praying at all times of the day for you Gail. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and you are on my heart. I pray instantly for you, and will continue to storm the heavens. Love you both, Lisa Loughran