Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old and New

For the next few days I will post pictures of young and old grand kids! We start with the oldest, Henry. I think the one picture is when he was about 7-8 months and the older one is when he is 5 yr 8 months.

Gail had a good time last night at the concert. She continues to be very very tired and again today she is resting. We have come to realize that there is no way to figure why she feels the way she does or what it means but it is important to expect, believe and pray for healing. I know that it is important to deal with the "real" but in my spirit I have come to experience that when we talk about "what if........" it seems that a knife of disbelief cuts to my believing heart so we do not go there for now.
I mentioned wheat grass a few days ago, well I planted my first crop this morning so we will see if I have any farmer left in me. If I do we should have grass to juice in 10-12 days. I did send for a electric juicer so stay tuned to "the farmer in the dell" no I mean "the farmer in the city".

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Anonymous said...

Dear Carmen and Gail,
You are daily and earnestly in my prayers. I am so uplifted by your faith in our Lord. Lord heal my Sister Gail. Love Lisa Loughran