Saturday, May 30, 2009

Avoid all dark allys!!

We did the grandchildren from oldest to youngest, now for the kids. John will turn 40 this December and here he looks like he could be on a mission. John gives of himself 150% to Trinity School, is a handy man supreme as he put an addition on their house, does a wonderful job with the 3 children and to relax he and his neighbor Ben sometimes go on a 40 mile bike ride to Afton in the early morning!! Actually he has not changed a lot from the toddler who used to run around morning to night revving up the activities at home.
Gail's day yesterday was OK. Her hip continues to give her problems. She has been icing it and that does seem to help. When I came downstairs this morning she was up and had been much of the night but now she is trying to get some sleep.
As a farmer I am getting low grades. As I read that sentence it seems like I can't help but mix teaching with farmers as most farmers do not grade themselves. Anyway, my wheat grass for the time being is suffering from a drought I think. Cynthia did get 4 flats of wheat started but she too was not perfect as she put too much soil in it. Whatever happens we are making sure Gail Gail gets her 2-3 ounces of wheat grass juice twice a day. I know, some of you are saying that we have gone off the deep end. Well the scoop is that wheat grass juice is really healthy and for Gail it is a no brainer because her body needs to be restored and there is no medical help for her. So as we hope and pray always for healing we daily seek to give her body everything we can to repair it. I do wish you could see her as I do because she is a fantastic woman of God and continues to be so special to all those around her. We continue to believe she will be healed but if we lose this battle for Gail's health she certainly will be in a better place but each of us will have lost a bit of ourselves.
The weekend is looking like it could be a bit of heavenly weather so if you are experiencing the same weather where you are get outside, golf, walk, ride bike, sit in the park but whatever you enjoy, do it and give God the glory.

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