Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thought I would post a picture of my latest project so that some of you do not think all I do is cook, bake and rest!!! The table,which matches the podium, was made for our People of Praise auditorium. The table is made with white quarter sawn oak.
Gail continues to feel really well. In our conversation this morning we talked about starting to get back to some kind of normal schedule and life. We continue to BELIEVE that we will have a long life together ahead of us. As I have said several times already we have not seen any healing but have not seen her health get any worse so that is really really positive. Someone mentioned a few days ago that she looked so well and so cute and of course I had to say that nothing has changed in the last 40+ years!!!
Have a great day and an even better weekend coming up.
Both of us are working at the fair grounds Saturday and Sunday from 9:00-1:00.
We are also excited as in about 10 days we get to see Aaron/Amy and Leo.
Travis has arranged for everyone to have Mother's Day brunch on the the St. Croix River. That should be fun. Don't be funny, we will be on a boat!!!

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