Saturday, April 25, 2009


A couple of 4 generation pictures taken in Jan.
It has been some time since I started this blog so I am going to summarize. As you start to read it if you say to yourself I have heard all this just enjoy the pictures and ignore my summary!
1. In the fall of 2003 Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer. From Oct of 03-the spring of 05 she went the route of recommended medical treatment with surgery, chemo, radiation, and infusions. By the summer of 05 she felt fine and since then we had in our minds she was cancer free.
2. In December of 2008 we decided to get serious about exercise and weight loss. In mid Jan of this year we had both lost about 12-15 pounds and were feeling great. Then Gail detected a small lump on her sternum and she called her doctor.
3. On February 4 we received the news that the cancer was back. After Pet scans, Cat scans and 2 biopsies it was concluded that there were cancer spots in her neck, sternum and liver.
4. February 27 Gail started the only treatment available to her--hormone treatment which is an injection. At this point she was feeling very well.
5. Even though the treatment was described as having very little side effects Gail experienced severe back pain and even worse constipation.
6. By this time, March 8, we postponed her second treatment and very very seriously begin to look at ALL options.
7. Gail's situation looked like this: The doctor said if she continued the treatments she could expect to have 6-12 months of good quality of life--that was it. We thought that the quality of life after the first treatment was less then good. We then asked what we could expect if we did not follow though with the treatment. The doctor then said she would put Gail on a hospice program right away and in in a short time she would have very serious health issues!!!
8. Our decision on March 16 was to do no more medical treatments and to EXPECT God to heal Gail and get as many people as we could to pray for that. We also decided to do supplements recommended by a non-medical person. We also knew that because we do not know God's mind that Gail's time could be short but we both felt that it would be BEST to feel as good as possible for as long as possible.
9. Where are we now, April 25?? We are almost 3 months out from the doctor's statement of 4-6 months. Gail feels well, she has seen no advance of cancer but she has not experienced healing either at this point. Is the fact that she still feels well a sign of healing, we hope, pray and believe it is but really we do not know that.
10. I should also add that about 90% of the food we now eat is raw fruit and veggies and juicing. Very little meat, almost no sugar and almost no white flour.
I would like to add some thoughts I have had in the last week to 10 days. I have come to believe that healing from a serious and or life threatening illness is very much dependent on our belief and attitude. My challenge to you is to REALLY believe that Gail will be healed. Of course Gail and I find that we have doubts, down times, tears and many other emotions but we try to always pray with the expectation that Gail will be well. If you think about that concept and relate it to our medical diagnosis it is a BIG challenge to believe and live with the expectation Gail will have a long life ahead of her.
I leave you with this: We believe 24/7 that Gail will be healed, we live 24/7 with the reality of her still present health issues and we will let nothing separate us from the LOVE OF GOD.

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Thank you for the update. I appreciate being informed. I believe too!