Monday, April 20, 2009

A model!!!

Now isn't that about the most beautiful, hardworking wonderful employee that anyone could ever have!! You are looking at the best census employee in St. Paul. Most of the time in her work she is out and about in neighborhoods confirming information. She now knows all about CLD, CL, DQC, E-308, EEO and the list it seems is endless. I know nothing of course.
Gail is doing fine. Last night we talked to Chris, a lady who has been helping us with our approach to Gail's health. She said that from what she can tell Gail's body is recovering from the many many tests and treatments she has had and at this time she appears to be doing well. We ask that you BELIEVE that Gail will get well. Please pray for a long life and good health for her. We do believe but of course we are living in reality and that is challenging at times.
It is Monday morning and the week ahead looks busy and exciting. Gail will be putting in as close to 40 hours as possible for the census and then will leave Friday PM for a weekend retreat with about 250 women from People of Praise. I know at least one of the topics will be meditations and how to become better FRIENDS with Jesus. I was able to go to South Bend IN in March for a 3 day conference on the same subject and it was very very good. When one considers Jesus a friend and thinks and acts like he is a part of your life in the same way your best friend is it is life changing. As Gail is at her retreat I will be working the fair grounds Fri, Sat and Sun for the horse show. I get to open and close the gate for the employee's parking lot. How about that!
Have a great week.

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