Friday, April 17, 2009

Wake Up!!!!!

Good morning! It is Friday and time to get ready for the weekend. Hope you had a great week, we did. Gail worked Monday-Thursday and today her supervisor said that the computer system is down and she may not be able to work. Great news! You should see her with her little hand held computer putting in addresses and mapping out our 2010 census. I am sure she is the best ever employee the census bureau has hired.
Gail continues to do well. We are hoping that we will not have much to write about as time flies by, wouldn't that be nice. So, if all you see are pictures of little kids and news about family rest assured Gail is fine. The prayer support is unbelievable and we feel it all the time.
The above picture is of our little Leo, he is quite the character.
Carmen is excited as Mike's birthday bash is tonight. He turns 29 Monday!!

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