Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Much excitement ahead

April is already looking like a winning deal. Tomorrow we celebrate Liam's 4Th birthday with a party and good eats. Gail, Cynthia and I think Travis plan to go to an all day session on eating "well" this Saturday. Then of course Holy week is next week and with it brings gatherings, prayer and anticipation of Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday we are looking forward to family gathering here to celebrate God's great love for us. Of course the food will be delicious too! After that Leo turns 2---wow. We are planning to visit Aaron/Amy/Leo the weekend of April 17,18,19 and then Gail and I plan to spend 3 nights in Door County compliments of an anniversary gift from family and friends last summer. Also, can't forget Mike's birthday party in there too.
Gail continues to feel well. At times she wonders if things are not going so well but we put those doubts aside as we have seen no signs of advances with the cancer. We have seen no signs of healing either but we continue to hope and pray with expectant faith. Many people have signed up for the Tu-Wed prayer watch for her and for that we are most thankful. Keep praying and hoping with us is what we ask.

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More'd be great to see more photos.