Monday, April 6, 2009

All is well

Grandpa can't resist those 2, Faustina on the left and Audrey on the right. I have come to believe they are perfect.

We had a wonderful weekend. Gail, Cynthia and Travis went to a seminar all day Saturday and learned much. Carmen got some work done around home. Sunday many of us gathered at John and Mary's for brunch after church. The food was great and the company was even better.

We had a bit of snow Saturday but all is gone now and they say by Easter Sunday it could be 60!

Gail and Carmen signed up to work at the state fair grounds again. God willing it will be a few weekends this summer and then 13 nights during the fair. It really is fun, that is if you like our kind of fun!!! Gail is also signed up to work a bit for the US census this spring. She has to go to 4 full days of training so I am thinking you have to be really smart to work there.

We are excited to leave next week on Thursday for Aaron/Amy and Leo's and then on to Door County for 3 nights of fun and romance--can't wait.

Gail continues to feel well. We may start to grow wheat grass and drink the juice, have you ever tasted it?!?! The word out is the taste is less then good but the benefits are super. We will see. Have a blessed Holy Week and a great Easter Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Dad, the pictures are great. Keep them up.