Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy Tuesday and don't forget Tax day tomorrow!! Also, our Leo turns 2 tomorrow.

Gail and I had a grand time last night as we went out with Cyn,Mike and Faustina to a restaurant that serves all organic, veggie, raw food. The food was very tasty but we did not care for the atmosphere, different from our norm. There was 1 positive, that you do not have to worry about your food getting cold before you eat. They had many healthy-organic-funky things to buy too. I considered getting a tattoo balm that is supposed to preserve tattoos but then I remembered that we would have no use for it!!!!!!

We continue to try to live life in our "normal" way. A couple of things. We had planned to leave Thursday for Madison and then on to Door County for a short time away but that has changed. Gail started her part time census work yesterday and to our surprise they really want and expect them to work through this Friday and then start on Monday again so we will put our trip off for a short time. Gail has been really tired so I had thought about not going but the real reason was she felt that if she did not work those days she would be lost as to what she was doing. We were so excited to see Aaron/Amy and Leo but will save that for a later time. We had a good laugh last night as we were talking about her working part time now(only for 6 weeks). I said that things sure change as we have been married almost 41 years and now for the first time she is the bread winner and I am the stay at home homemaker!!! Which reminds me I need to get those dishes done before she comes home this afternoon. Secondly, Gail felt this morning that her sternum area looked more swollen than in the past. We are hoping that is not true but will watch it and continue to pray against the evils of sickness. That is perhaps a good reason to stay close to home for a while.

We hope the risen Christ is in your home, in your mind and in your heart.

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