Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, Friday

I once again went back a year, September 10, 2009 and read my blog.  I said Gail ate some food the the Winds brought over and that may have been the last food she ate.  She actually had some warmth in her feet, the first in a long time and she was resting comfortablly.  She had several vistors and that had really tired her out.
Why did I put a picture of Cynthia holding the victory trophy?  Because a year ago Gail was in the home stretch of the great race and in the end she WON, she finished and she got first place, eternal life with our Lord.  I would have given anything if she had not finished the race but she did, she was splendid and so many people were forever touched by her courage, her faith and her love of God.  I certainly could not have asked for any more in my life than someone who was so special to me and hundreds of others.  Well I did ask for more time but it was not to be. 
I will travel to Freeport MN this morning to attend the funeral of a friend's mother.  She had been failing for some time and I am sure in many ways her passing from this life is a blessing but I know from experience that losing a parent is never easy so I will travel this morning to support Mark in any way I can.  Freeport is the town we used to stop in so that Gail could buy fresh flour to make bread.
I need to do some things before I leave in a short while so will sign off.

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